Zloadr the Viral News Media Publishing Platform, sets a date for its initial coin offering.

With the global Ad market reaching a staggering £10B in 2016, Zloadr feels it’s the right time to launch an ICO that provides advertisers and agencies with a digital currency (tokens) that offers far reaching advertising benefits when used on the Zloadr platform.

Although fiat currency and other vetted cryptocurrencies can be used on the platform, ZDR which is the name Zloadr’s currency goes by, will give advertisers a longer duration for their ads on the platform (up to 7 times longer) and exclusive benefits and reach.

The platform is powered by thousands of influencers who are compensated in tokens for sharing content published on the platform.

By using an innovative token system to offer benefits to advertisers, Zloadr will not only boost the exposure users get when advertising on the platform, but in return this will create a strong demand for ZDR tokens  on exchanges strongly benefiting investors.

Sam Enrico Williams, Zloadr founder says: “Zloadr has the technology to revolutionize targeted advertising and continues to build an ongoing list of loyal influencers (5k) categorised by industry, who in return will receive tokens for sharing content produced on the platform, which is then shared to millions of fans and followers across social media networks”.

He further goes on to say: “Zloadr will emerge to the forefront by providing advertisers with value for their money and removing the high cost barriers when targeting specific industries that are usually charged at a premium by others”.

About Zloadr

Zloadr is a viral news and media publishing platform on the blockchain that amplifies newsworthy content with the help of influencers and bounty hunters.

For further information, please contact:

Dominic Brown

Chief Operation Officer

Zloadr Limited

Email: dominic@zloadr.com


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