Zloadr prepares launch of its Blockchain Viral News Media Publishing Platform

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Zloadr prepares for the launch of it’s viral news media publishing platform, that will allow advertisers and content creators to reach targeted audiences with the input of bounty hunters/ influencers.


Although, there are content creators and media companies out there already, doing well in earning significant revenue and having their content discovered in search results. There still remains the fact that major oligopolies are currently positioning themselves to further cement their foothold in as many content industries as possible. Encroachment like this leads to lower income and presence for small or niche media companies and  individual creators who earn a living outside of these major organizations platforms.

The Zloadr platform which is 95% complete will provide content creators with greater revenues and offer advertisers a lucrative option to pay for advertising by using Zloadr's tokens.

Content creators will benefit hugely from thousands of influencers, whom have signed up to Zloadr’s database to share content produced on the platform.

Sam Enrico Williams, the founder goes on to say: "Zloadr has been creating a unique structure to draw targeted audiences in the millions to both create content and advertiser material, by a way of compensating influencers in the thousands for sharing and distributing content across social networks and forums".

He further goes on to say: "The platform can be used to create ebooks, emagazines and newspapers for sale on the platform and distribution with third party outlets. Content creators can then use tokens awarded to them to purchase cheap advertising to get their material out to their desired audiences".

About Zloadr

Zloadr is a viral news and media publishing platform on the blockchain that amplifies newsworthy content with the help of influencers and bounty hunters.

For further information, please contact:

Dominic Brown

Chief Operation Officer

Zloadr Limited

Email: dominic@zloadr.com


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