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Find out everything you need to know about Zencash, the latest addition to the world of cryptocurrency. This article will review and gives you information about Zencash.

Zencash is a cryptocurrency which main feature is globally accessible and also anonymous blockchain technology. Zencash specifically build for censorship-resistant infrastructures and financial activity. Other existing cryptocurrencies are not fully anonymous; be it’s from network-level insufficiency or economical inadequacies. There is no cryptocurrency today that can guarantees end-to-end encryption. ZenCash is intended to be fully encrypted, be as a network or as a means to send money.

Zencash Feature


Zen is a platform for communication resistant to censorship and economic activity in anonymity. Cryptography and zero knowledge Modern tests allow completely anonymous peer-to-peer communication with Zen. Distributed Zens and Moderate latency network design is highly resistant to correlation traffic and meta-analysis.


Global publication

The Zen-block chain allows the independent and irrevocable release of private and public material. After the release material can be suppressed it will never be knocked over or mutated. A distributed design supports very high data survivability in modern, harsh environments.


Private sector

Transactions are compatible with fully shielded zero knowledge cryptography; Meaning that that recipient, sender and balances are not disclosed. Zen is a refinement of Satoshi’s ideals and implements full and complete opposition to capital controls.


No-Finger-printable Networks

Zen is conceptually based on technologies resistant to censorship networks. Designed for quiet and undetectable performance in any environment; Whether behind a massive, a firewall or a tactical environment IDS matrix.


Transport from point to point encryption

Existing in the space block chain technologies do not ensure communication between the nodes and are not suitable to censor network layer to resist. This may allow attacks man-in-the-middle against a net increase in the risk of attacking pliability of transactions. Zen aspires to hardened communications in the harshest environments through the entire traffic flowing through the cable.


Veiled state of the art Global tunnels

Zen combines security technologies offensive foreground data ex-filtration and confusion to mask network activity. The domain edge allows direct access to the network Zen HTTPS encrypted connections used; Everything you see an observer, web traffic is encrypted server high reputation.


Not detectable by matrix monitoring

In environments that are not domain, obfuscating the transport layer, capturing traffic is a very annoying task. Traffic through the cable appears in nature through Zen very difficult to censor ambiguous.



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