Yumerium ICO Review — Get Paid For Playing Video Games

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What is Yumerium ?

In latest years video video games had been present process a revolution, from a “pay-to-play” model to a “free-to-play” one.

Now with the advent of blockchain generation there may be the potential for every other revolution to the “earn-to-play” model.

Yumerium is a agency at the vanguard of this revolution and are aiming to bring the benefits of cryptocurrency to gaming by way of permitting human beings to earn tokens by way of gambling, sharing and reviewing video games.

these days we will take a look at what their project is all approximately, how the platform will work and the upcoming ICO.
Yumerium — An Incentivized, Blockchain-based Open Gaming Platform

The gaming network is a colourful and lively one with thousands and thousands of fans all around the world. You best should witness the huge growth of e-sports activities in recent years and the reality that people now % out stadiums to look at aggressive video-gaming to understand that people have a actual passion for this new artwork.

at the equal time, the gaming network itself can be the pleasant shape of advertising for video games. research have shown that people are more likely to trust reviews and tips of fellow gamers above traditional styles of advertising and marketing and conventional media when searching at new video games.

So what Yumerium will do is to introduce a gadget whereby people can earn rewards — inside the shape of YUM tokens — by way of gambling, sharing and reviewing games. they could then use those tokens as game cash.
market opportunity

The video game industry is worth a outstanding $109 billion nowadays and is anticipated to grow to $128 billion by means of 2020. Yumerium predicts that a developing phase of this large revenue can be going to the “earn to play” market, which they aim to be at the leading edge of.

they may be properly placed to do that, having been worried within the enterprise for some of years with GalaNet, which ran the primary unfastened-to-play recreation inside the US with game writer gPotato. Yumerium will be launching their platform with four video games— Dream Pets, nation Watcher, Mega Overlord and Hell dimension VR.
How the Yumerium Platform Will paintings

The Yumerium platform will offer possibilities for gamers, publishers and builders to benefit from it.

New games can be part of the platform and may be allotted “seed price range” in YUM tokens for doing so.

The builders of these games can use their allocated YUM to attract a brand new audience by way of providing rewards to gamers who unfold the phrase approximately their game and produce in new users.

In turn, game enthusiasts can be capable earn YUM tokens via playing, sharing and reviewing games. they could then use the YUM they have got earned as forex within the games they play (or of route convert the YUM to other cryptocurrencies or fiat on exchanges).

it will likely be viable to apply YUM in all games that support Yumerium and the corporation expects that the quantity of games on their platform will boom substantially over the years.

There can also be the possibility of recent video games using Yumerium to crowdfund, receiving YUM tokens for advertising purposes if successful.

ICO Details

There will be a public pre-sale, which will commence on 23rd May, with the main token sale due to commence not long after.

Here are the main details about the token sale:

· Token: YUM token

· Maximum number of tokens: 634 million

· Tokens available during ICO (hard cap): 317 million (i.e. 50%)

· Token price: 1 YUM = $0.10

· Sale starts: 23rd May

· Sale ends: TBC

The allocation of funds will be as follows:-

· Token sale: 50%

· Founders & Advisors: 20%

· Network Seeing: 20%

· Company reserve: 10%

that is an interesting proposition. There were pretty a few ICOs already in the gaming sector, but Yumerium has the gain of being experienced in the field, having evolved video games for some of years and having some video games already built to be used on their platform. This ought to provide them a head-begin on a number of the competition.

Its token version in principle is a good one, profitable people for sharing their reviews on games and accordingly optimistically creating a viral network effect.

it is going to be one to observe in phrases of ways a great deal hobby it generates from the crypto community.


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