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About Football Coin

FootballCoin allows you to exhibit your administrative capacities by enabling you to make your group’s program and after that enlisting in the current competition. The site has Matchday, Daily, and Weekly challenges, where individuals can enroll utilizing their group’s draft. The draft will be comprised of the top football players over the best classes. (As of now FootballCoin bolsters the English, Spanish and Italian leagues associations, with arrangements in the exact not so distant eventual fate of extra football classes).

FootballCoin enables you to act like a genuine legit manager , anticipating player frame, coordinate results, capacity improvement and compensating chiefs for their outcomes. Building your dream group will have you pick without limitations from the accessible expert players.

Good and Challenging Features

-FootballCoin enables you to act like a genuine legit football manager.

-Pick Matchday, Daily, and Weekly challenges.

-Manufacture your dream fantasy group with accessible expert players.

-Scoring framework calculation with more than 30 factors.

-English, Spanish and Italian leagues alliances

-Enlist for the same number of constests as you wish and increment your odds of   winning prizes

Has Its Own Crypto Currency.

XFCCOIN is the enrolled money for the FootballCoin game. It is a computerized token in view of and making utilization of the blockchain framework of Bitcoin. The FootballCoin economy is created along the XFCCOIN money.

XFCCOIN was produced in a restricted supply of units utilizing the Counterparty stage (Bitcoin2.0). These units were secured and secured in the Bitcoin blockchain, so that later on no further units can be issued.

Game Mechanics and Rules


Roster will comprise of 11 players , 1 Assistant Manager and 4 hold players. Facilitate limitations might be indicated in the challenge rules.

The positions for picking save players are constrained to: Goalkeeper (GK), Defender (DF), Midfielder (MF) and Forward (FW). FootballCoin makes the restrictive controlling on position qualification and every player is just qualified at ONE of the four positions recorded previously.

Lists of your opponent(s) will be unmistakable instantly after kickoff of the main games in any assigned challenge. Each challenge determines a date after which passages may not be included, altered, or wiped out.

Challenge results and victors will be founded on the aggregate number of focuses scored over every participant’s 11 player program, half of aggregate focuses scored by each of the 4 save players (scoring condensed above) amid the span of the challenge, in addition to focuses scored by the Assistant Manager as per his rank.

On the off chance that a match that is a piece of a challenge is rescheduled outside of the first start and end time of the challenge, players in those matches will acquire zero points.


Extra Scoring notes

The “Minutes Played” parameter includes 0.05 focuses for consistently played.

“Clean Sheet” is the parameter alloted just if players end their match without conceding goals to the enemies.

This parameter is at least 45 minutes are played. In this way the “Clean Sheet” reward will be relegated just if the player’s group will end their match without conceding goals  and having the player be on the pitch for at least 45 minutes.

Roster changes during  matches

In the occasion a player changes his position amid his genuine match, he will keep up his intial position on FootballCoin. The player will gather focuses in light of the position set apart on the FootballCoin card.

In the event that, for instance, Dani Alves is marked as a Defender yet when Juventus play the official match he involves the position of Midfielder, he will keep on accumulating focuses on FootballCoin as a Defender. manager who have picked Dani Alves in their lineups will even now observe despite everything him set apart as a Defender. This is to maintain a strategic distance from conceivable disarray when a player is utilized on various parts ingames.


Games Cancelations and Postponements

If a booked games is wiped out, pre-empted, or delayed for any reason, no focuses will be granted (0 score) for players inserted in that diversion or occasion.

Just for the situation in which that the wiped out/pre-empted/deferred occasion is the just a single inside the room, all section charges paid for that challenge will be discounted.


Suspended or Shortened Games

Any insights created on a later date then when the games is finished won’t be incorporated because of the one day nature of our challenges.

Ought to the diversion be abbreviated and measurements be incorporated on that day by Sportradar, those insights will check towards the games.

Formation of group amid cut off time

On the off chance that a managerr begins making his lineup before the challenge shutting time (confine membership), without having the capacity to spare the lineup on time, a blunder message will show up. No passage expense will be charged to the client.

Occasion of a Tie

In case of a tie (at least two teams acknowledge the very same score), a further parameter will be considered to decide the champ: “Line-up accommodation time”. The player who presented his group initially will be announced the champ. This administer is legitimate additionally if there should be an occurrence of a tie with 0 or negative score.


That’s It , With many great features this game also Innovative with Combination of Cryptcurrency + Real Time Strategy Games

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