XAPO: Best Web-Based Bitcoin Wallet

XAPO: Best Web-Based Bitcoin Wallet

XAPO was founded  by Wences Caseres on 2013 in Switzerland europe , its offers safe wallet for bitcoins , bitcoins vault and bitcoin based debit card.

Looking by its age xapo is quite old for brand bitcoin wallet and so yeah its offers instant payment , no fees on other xapo users , also security protection by google authenticators that allow you to control your own wallet with no restriction .

Many people start using it on 2015 because old one don’t cut any fees on your moneys , unlike other wallet such as blockchain and coinbase which is has huge fees for sending bitcoin to other wallets. Back then it also offers bonus 0.0001 upon new user registration which is nice to spend it on gamble I think .

The Vault comprises of physical servers placed around the world over that the organization says is ensured by biometric scanner security, every minute of every day guarded by CCTV, and tough guards. The servers are in underground urban areas, as it says by Casares on Press Conference. Casares claims that “is the primary bitcoin vault completely secured and safeguarded against hacking and fraudulent”. The Xapo Vault is protected by Experienced Security and CCTVs and under Meridian Insurance”

In August 2014, it is reported that the company had raised $20 million to further upgrade its safety efforts on guarding service back in 2011

Casares purchased his first bitcoins however couldn’t figure out how to store them, so he constructed a “vault” for his own use. Friends, and later money related organizations, soon inquired as to whether they could store their bitcoins in his vault. This turned the idea into the establishment for Xapo, which was established in late 2013 by Casares and COO Federico Murrone. Xapo opened its items to the general population in March 2014

Casares said Xapo was established with the point of making the bitcoin cash more secure and accessible. The Wallet works through a versatile application and on the web and incorporates the capacity to exchange assets to and from the Xapo Vault. In April 2014, the company presented a platinum card that will connect to the client’s Wallet and will work like a standard plastic debit card, aside from that it is supported by bitcoins itself rather than conventional currency.

Focusing on Xapo, Casares established and later sold online financier firm Patagon to Banco Santander for $750 million. He also number one Internet supplier in his nation of origin Argentina in 1994.

In May 2015 the business moved its base office from Palo Alto, California to Zurich in Switzerland. And yes xapo is just an ordinary wallet but its feature like cold vault was the most advanced technology ever created on bitcoin world that makes xapo one of the best wallet out there. In case you got any problem just contact their emails . they will reply within hours on normal day and over 3 days on business day.

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