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What Is This ? is a site adapted to help representatives employees and freelancers with stage to lead business utilizing Bitcoins and conceivably other digital forms of money. It gives an open stage, so anybody around the work can get to the site and view the present place of employment postings, and offers without expecting to join.

Here are some cool current components WFB presently give:

* Pay and get paid with bitcoins

* Applicable globally with no extra strides

* Rating in view of audits

* Direct P2P Payments

* Funds Verification

* Wallet Address kept private

* Payments and exchanges confirmed autonomously utilizing Blockchain

* Low Fees

* No commission charge from consultants

* One way start correspondence

Coordinate P2P Payments – The site won’t require the worker to store any assets into the site. All establishes will be kept by the representative and exchanged straightforwardly to the person.

Assets/Funds Verification – Employees posting work, must give the wallet address which they will be paying the workers with. The framework will then give a check to bidders regarding of whether current wallet address has the assets important to cover the financial backing posted.

Wallet Address kept private – Wallet Addresses are kept from everybody, and just uncovered to a worker and a bidder that consent to cooperate.

Payments and transaction checked autonomously using Blockchain Platform – As payments are made, the system will consequently find the information using the blockchain Platform technology, and show it on the page for anyone to view. The exchange joins are covered up and just appeared to the representative and winning bidder.

Jobs List

Other Features

No commission expense from freelancer – Freelancers won’t be charged a commission for their work.

* Compared to ~10% of offer!

One way start correspondence – The chat system is created to be a restricted initiator, implying that, for a visit discussion to exist, the employment blurb needs to start the discussion with a bidder. The main sorts of discussions that will presently exists will be between an occupation notice, and a bidder. You can take a gander at it as a one to numerous relationship.

There is significantly greater improvement that should be done, as I keep on working to make it a reasonable and solid apparatus for the bitcoin group.

Here are highlights I anticipate discharging in no specific request:

* Contests

* Guarantee Feature

* File Attachments

* Support for extra cryptographic forms of money (Experiencecoin, Litecoin)

* Multi Zone Hosting

* Support for different dialects

* Purchase Bitcoins

* Mobile Apps

Employees will have a choice to make a venture, or a Contest. Dissimilar to a venture, where a business is hoping to procure a solitary individual/organization, a Contest enables the business to post a set of working responsibilities and have numerous freelancers have a go at the assignment and win the challenge.

Guarantee Feature – The Guarantee choice will be something employees can use to build offers/competitors, by exchanging the financial plans assets to an escrow, and giving the system a chance to deal with payouts.

Buy Bitcoins – If this project venture does again interest, Site will implementing new system for purchasing bitcoins choice, where individuals that need to buy directly to the site, yet of course if you don’t have bitcoins, can buy it straightforwardly through the site. This will be no doubt the exact opposite thing WFB will handle.

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