Tremorgames, Get paid in Bitcoin while Playing Games


Hello fellow Cryptomaniac , Today I will show you how to earn bitcoins with easy and lots of fun way. I present you tremorgames , so basically this site has a lot of games which is quite easy . You can play many games with various genre such a Zombie , fantasy , puzzle , adventures etc.

Here’s the concept how this game will pay you :

You play their game > Get the achievement on each game for coin > coin will be exchanged for BTC > Cashout

Just go on their website After that go to sign up section, fill any required information and as always if you want to get payed via bitcoin fill in your bitcoin address on signup section.

Then go straight your email provider for verification ( its necessary because if you didn’t verify your email, you cant request payout ) and then , go login and you see this page


Go pick games that you liked , and then play it until you get achievement , on each game there will be 5-7 achievement that worth 100-5000 coins.
If you are hardcore gamer I’m sure you can do this easy peasy, quick tip = play adventures , rpg’s and other games , puzzle is not recommended because its hard as shit
If you didn’t wanna play games , we got plenty options too , like Offerwals , but if you live on third world country like india , Indonesia etc .. offers is not worth your time because the coin prize is extremely low , otherwise if you live in USA , CANADA ,UK offers are very great for y’all.

Live chat features : its so usefull when you got stuck on games stage and you can ask other players to help you with tips and tricks ( don’t forget to ask nicely lol )
Tremorgames also has daily giveaways for their lucky member, the prize is very decent like 500 coins , steam games , steam wallet etc. Once you’ve got enough coins you can exchange it and redeem it for bitcoin , latest rate is 3000 coins for 0.005BTC .

Yep , as you can see ,also you can exchange it for steam games , wallets , dota 2 items , team fortress item and others prize. Don’t worry about scams, this site has been online since 2013 and its legit also got 4,7/5 Rating from NetBusiness Rating, and have 250000 members means you don’t have to worry about wasting your time on this website.
The other good part of this site is instant withdrawals for Bitcoins , mine takes around 15 mins max when bitcoins arrived on my wallets. Oh and you can refer your friends for extra income don’t forget micro online task too , it might come in handy


-Good For relaxing
-Simple yet so addictive
-You can play games with multitasking
-Good income source
-Cool concept ( No one has this concept except tremorgames)
-Most trusted website with High ratings
-Millions users worldwide

What do you guys waiting for , go register and earn some bitcoins … see yaa !

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