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What is BeEasy ?

BeEasy depicts itself Likewise “an all-in-one window of the cryptocurrency reality. ”.
The stage gives easy to understand entry to fundamental cryptocurrency functions, including mining, trading, What’s more Contributing On cryptocurrencies.

Those objective will be with make An stage that Urges non-crypto clients on partake in the crypto market. Should would that, BeEasy will make a easy-to-use stage that Any individual could utilization on cooperate with the crypto economy.

Clients cooperation for the stage will entry a cryptocurrency exchange, An cryptocurrency store management platform, What’s more a rig rental accumulation service, Around other results Also benefits.

The token offer for ETKN tokens may be planned for february 1 to april 30, 2018.
How can BeEasy Work?.
BeEasy will make a multi-functional biological community from claiming cryptocurrency benefits. A percentage of the center objectives of the stage incorporate on Fabricate constantly on of the taking after items What’s more services:.
Client applications What’s more interfaces, including all-in-one commission courses a BeEasy individual account, mining clients, checking clients, telegram bots, Also others). Administration systems, including multi-currency pools, change getaways, liquidity management systems, Also exchanges. Infrastructure, including information focuses for their mining supplies.
Done other words, BeEasy’s group will make a full-featured biological community for results Furthermore administrations. That biological community is planned with settle on cryptocurrency more receptive.

EasyTrade likewise plans should offer professional solutions, including EasyTrade, which is An cryptocurrency return that helps dealer product coordination (like MetaTrader Also tick Trader) same time giving a interface to dealers and merchants. It likewise offers An web interface that will expand to An versatile app and An widget in the close to future.

Overall, EasyTrade will be a multi-functional cryptocurrency return. BeEasy clients could purchase all the What’s more offer cryptocurrencies Also fiat currencies through those stage.
BeEasy Multi-Function administration.
BeEasy’s multi-function administration will make an easy-to-use all-in-one commission framework permitting clients to explore and deal with constantly on client majority of the data to BeEasy services, including mining, funds, exchanges, charity, accomplice merchandise What’s more services, fiat to crypto services, and more.

Overall, BeEasy depicts its multi-function administration Concerning illustration “a exceptional amalgam from claiming every one BeEasy mark planned modules”. Clients will get this biological community through a bound together dashboard.
EasyPlay will be the “mass product” of the BeEasy biological community. It’s a web interface Also a customer app that Characteristics center capacities like:.
Clients might download the product What’s more promptly introduce it onto their pc. Instantly following introducing those software, those client may be approached on complete the basic BeEasy Enlistment process, at which perspective the client runs those framework diagnostics. Those client may be incited will pick an accomplice offer they might want on get. Throughout the process, clients might screen those mining advancement bar demonstrating those remaining time until getting those products Furthermore administrations. The point when the mining procedure may be complete, those product notifies the client Also messages them those promo code testament for guaranteeing the reward.
Who’s behind BeEasy?.
BeEasy is headed by Aleksandr Bespalov (CEO, a business person with 15+ a considerable length of time about background On corporate management and consulting, including a few multimillion dollar undertakings actualized over russia and abroad.

Other magic parts of the less group incorporate Nikita Polikarpov (CTO), who formerly served Concerning illustration it executive In the St petersburg universal commercial Exchange, Anton Makarchuk (CMO), What’s more Ilya Surodeykin (COO).

BeEasy may be based over St. Petersburg, Russia, in spite of the fact that they also bring a office Previously, moschus moschiferus.
The BeEasy ETKN ICO token offer.
BeEasy’s token bargain will comprise for a timely riser sale, An pre-ICO, What’s more a primary ICO.

Those timely riser project started around september 15, 2017. Those pre-ICO might have been planned from october 15 to november 30, 2017. Those fundamental ICO, In will be booked for february 1 to april 30, 2018. The pre-ICO need a tricky top from claiming $1. 5 million, same time the ICO need An difficult top for 3200 BTC.

ETKN tokens will make sold In a rate from claiming 1 ETKN = 0. 02 BTC Throughout those ICO. ETKN would ERC20 tokens manufactured on the Ethereum blockchain.

ETKN tokens might a chance to be used to get half rebates looking into BeEasy benefits Also inside framework fees. Those particular rebate will shift the middle of platforms. To example, you’ll get An 30% markdown (on the downright cosset of the rental) At renunciant a rig through EasyData’s rig rental accumulation administration. In you’ll get a half markdown on the liquidity oversaw economy administrations advertised Toward EasyFund (dropping the requisition expense from 5% to 2. 5%). The whitepaper need full points regarding every last bit of the rebates accessible utilizing ETKN tokens.
BeEasy ETKN ICO Decision.
BeEasy may be a biological community from claiming items outlined with aggravate the crypto industry additional receptive with beginners. The biological community incorporates An cryptocurrency exchange, An store oversaw economy platform, An rig rental accumulation service, and different items and administrations. Clients associate with the stage through An solitary bound together interface.

Will take All the more over BeEasy what’s more entryway it works, visit web today toward BeEasy. Io. Those token deal will be underway until april 30, 2018.


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