Why I think I/O Coin (IOC) is the next sleeping giant

IOC Digital

In my personal blog a couple of month ago, I predicted about 2 coins that is likely to be a sleeping giant. This article will review what I predict to be the next sleeping giant: I/O Coin.

The first coin that I said in my blog to be the sleeping giant was NEM (New Economy Movement). I bought my initial NEM coin on April 2017 when it’s still 1788 satoshi.

The second one was Verge, which I bought when it’s 4 satoshi through 8 satoshi range.


There is also Espers ($ESP) coin which I bought at 5 satoshi and sold most of it at 35 satoshi, but I’m not putting that much money on it (Only had 13 million Espers), and I wouldn’t call it sleeping giant as I’m still not sure of its promises (Website on the blockchain) will be easily adopted.

When I look for the next sleeping giant, the first thing I research is the fundamental and how the coin will be used in real life scenario. So a couple of month ago I decided to invest in I/O Coin (https://www.iocoin.io/) after doing a lot of research on it.

Listed below are the reason why I think this will be the next sleeping giant (At the time of this article created, I/O Coin price at bittrex hover around 30000 – 31000 satoshi):

    • There are no premine
      I/O Coin had no premine, launched as proof of work coin in the beginning and after couple of weeks it switched to proof of stake. Looking at other project who had massive premine from the dev, sometimes as high as 50% coin, I/O Coin is more fair in coin distribution than most of other project out there. This also means that the risk of dev dump their coin is very minimal.
    • Low market cap
      I/O Coin market cap is $13 million USD, so there are still plenty of room for growth. In comparison, there are scam coins which have hundreds of million dollar market cap.
    • Fairly distributed
      Looking at I/O Coin rich list (https://chainz.cryptoid.info/ioc/#!rich)

      it’s pretty clear that this coin was fairly distributed. You can compared it to other coin such as SYSCoin (Top 10 had 50% of supply), or Digibyte (One top wallet had 20% of coin supply).
    • The dev identities are public
      I/O Coin aims to be used as enterprise blockchain, where companies can build their DAPPS on top of it (Similar to Ethereum concept). It’s critical that the team behind it are not anonymous to give it more credibility if you want it to be adopted globally. You can find the dev team information here (https://iodigital.io/management/)
    • The chart says so (Good Risk/Rewards ratio)
      Here’s daily chart of I/O Coin for the past 2 year

      You can clearly see that between 30000 – 40000 satoshi is the accumulation phase. It’s pretty stable and I think it’s only a matter of time before I/O Coin shoot to the moon where it deserves to be.
    • DIONS (Decentralized Input Output Name Space)
      DIONS are aliases for your address. So instead of random string of number and letter such as a6qrmFiwjxxX9ouo7pQUe7AUZ2BhdGGVB8. With DIONS you could have address such as your_name or your_company_name. I believe this is critical when mass adoption of blockchain technology finally happens, and company will definitely like this feature. As far as I know, no other coin had this feature.

  • Secure messaging
    After DIONS release, I/O Coin will enable you to use one of its cool feature: Decentralized secure messaging. I’ve seen the demo from the dev and it’s really cool. I couldn’t help but compare it to Status network, which also offer decentralized messaging apps. If status manage to get $150 million market cap, I don’t see why I/O coin couldn’t also reach that level.
  • You can store data in the blockchain
    The IOC Blockchain can carry up to 1MB data storage per 60 Second blocks while maintaining 2MB size blocks per IOC tx, for up to 2MB Blocks, 30X more transaction capacity than Bitcoin and Ethereum.
    With this feature, you can store wills, trust, intellectual property, Public Alias and Identity registration, transfer of ownership etc.

That’s all of the reason why I believe I/O coin will be the next sleeping giant. I predicted within one year, it can raise 10-20x from current price, one of my trader friend even predicted 50x which I think also possible.

Safe entry will be between 30K-45K. But remember to always do your own research before deciding to invest your money on I/O Coin.


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