ZCASH : One of the best anonymous cryptocurrency out there

What to Know about Z-Cash

Wide ranges of the cryptocurrency which people can choose from as their investment can be the ideas which come to you if you are interested in dealing with the investment in cryptocurrency. Nowadays, it becomes really popular and there are so many people who have reached the success from such way. However, you may also find a little bit worries in making the choice regarding to the right choice of cryptocurrency which will be suitable the most to your need. One of the well known choice of the cryptocurrency which is also listed as one of the top options is Z-Cash. You can notice about this cryptocurrency since it can be one of the options that you can notice and consider. (more…)

By aleet, ago

My First week of Cryptocurrency Trading Journal : The fall of bitcoin

I decided to try to write a journal of my cryptocurrency trading, which is a new thing for m, even though I already knew bitcoin since its early released (Back when the price was a whooping $0.25 per BTC). That was one of my biggest investment regret I’ve ever had! Because I mock bitcoin at early stage of its release).  

Anyway, below is the profit/loss of the last week of my cryptocurrency trading :
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="388"] Not Bad At All :)[/caption]  

By aleet, ago