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What is SkinCoin ? 

Widespread Cryptocurrency in based of Ethereum for instant exchanging of CS:GO, Dota 2 skins, and making wagers on eSports occasions events ,

SKINCOIN token (SKIN) – decentralized cryptographic money for making wagers bets, accepting and sending payment for game skins skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2.

SKINCOIN Tokens (SKIN) are to be discharged based by Ethereum blockchain platform. Tokens should be utilized for exchanging with game sites, purchasing/selling skins, making gambling on betting sites.

Over the most recent couple of years eSports have turned out to be to a great degree well known with the media. The quantity of players and fans, prize supports and spending plans of rivalries have shown a huge development. We welcome you to participate in this development with us.

The story starts in 2011, when Valve acquainted an open to trade and exchange in game things (skins) from the well known CS:GO, Dota 2, and other computer games in light of the official Steam exchanging platform. Soon skins were not simply in-games items, but rather in certainty turned into a real cash: or it will be for betting payment methods began to acknowledge them as an iinnovative idea, trade them for genuine cash and different skins, or use them for betting on different platform. Accordingly, the skins showcase emerged, and has grown up to more than $7 billion of every a couple of years.

Our fundamental item under this ICO is making a trade benefit with a helpful API for interfacing with the third party sites, so they can accept payments in SKINCOIN without opening and keep up their own particular stores.

We are making a platform for quick trade of skins for the digital currency, which is a fluid resource that can be utilized for additionally skins theoretical speculative exchanging, this asset of skins on computer game sites and can be utilized to exchanging skins into fiat cash. For that, we require a working capital that will be utilized to execute the commitments between a merchant and a purchaser of the skin, and furthermore a showcasing spending plan to scale the venture.

Our main goal under this ICO is making a trade administration to change skins into SKINCOIN and the other way around with a helpful API for interfacing with the third party sites, so they can accept payment from SKINCOIN without opening and keep up their own stores. We streamline the entire procedure of the skins trade and take care of the issue of the trade speed and altogether grow the scope of the accessible skins.

– In July 2017, we are launching the primary decentralized SKINCOIN digital money for purchasing, offering skins, and gaming administrations. SKINCOIN will tackle the issue of the assorted qualities of household monetary standards for betting sites and the absence of genuine estimation of coins past their cutoff points.

– In July 2017, every one of our projects (,, and will start to utilize SKINCOIN, which will ensure the interest for it.

– In August 2017, we dispatch the fundamental stage for trading SKINCOIN for skins. Clients will have the capacity to in a split second trade skins for SKINCOIN and back whenever.

– After the dispatch of the trade stage, an API will be created for getting and changing over skins in SKINCOIN (SKIN) for outsider sites, identified with CS: GO, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2.

After the API is accessible for our accomplices we will concentrate on the accomplices’ base broadening secured by the financial plan and our upper hands. That will help our market and raise the interest for SKINCOIN.

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