Raiblocks Cryptocurrencies: New Cryptocurrencies Based on Captcha Services

Raiblocks (RAI), which are intended to bolster free exchanges and no square rewards. The coins will be at first disseminated by a CAPTCHA controlled fixture with a daily splitting rate.


If you following latest cryptocurrency news nowadays, RAI cryptocurrency is absolute skyrocketed in about 1 month because there so many user joining claiming captchas with RAI as a reward and payment method will distributed once a day , and now the price of current 1 MRAI is around 800-1000 Satoshi , which is quite profitable for newbies and also for intermediate cryptocurrency fan.

On latest update which is on 15 April 2017 , claim system got changed a bit …and now coin will be distributed every hour but only top 60 claimers will be received the coins.

Back in initial first release … RAI price is extremely low around 300 satoshi which is quite low and waste of time . after got many users RAI price is going higher and higher , it goes about 1200 satoshi .

As the coin already being new huge hits of crypto , many people decides to sell it on bitcointalk forum which is very famous forum around the world for discussing crypto, after being traded for huge amount of RAI , an  exchanger named Cryptopia was decided to open exchanger for RAI/BTC , but unfortunately after 2 weeks of operation the service is closing down due unexpected amount of user who joined service , and it makes node server from cryptopia is explodes with deposits/withdrawals problem, and contact service was absolutely got destroyed by user who ask about pending trades. But they already got new exchanger : MERCATOX , they also experienced same issues from cryptopia like pending payments , deposits also people complaining about their coins. But Mercatox is pretty good at handling situations , from now on mercatox still open for exchanging service for MRAI although deposits maybe pending sometimes.

And now finally service is back to normal also the price is quite stable around 800-900 satoshi/MRAI

Developers was very active and always make a frequent update every weeks.

While this coin got the new update , developers also announce new feature : CAPTCHING POOL , meaning that user can work as a group with one guy as manager , once coin got distributed , manager also will count income from his users and pay the users afterwards .

According to CoinMarketcap ..coin distribution already reach 300 Millions Supply which is superior for brand new coin.

For Mining information we still haven’t got any updates from developers , hopefully they will add mining infos soon .

Lastly , About wallet  , Raiblock provides 2 kind of wallet Which is Desktop Wallet and Online Based wallet

Desktop Wallet : https://raiblockscommunity.net/#getwallets

Web Wallets : https://t.me/RaiWalletBot


If you guys interested on working to get some pennies you can go on their websites :




-Good income sources for newbies

-Pretty waste of time for Oldschool crypto user

-Weak Server nodes , sometimes captcha run slower on website which caused reducing income for user who claimed MRAI

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