Popular Cryptocurrency Investment 2017

The Popular Options for the Types of Cryptocurrency with Great Prospect in 2017

Cryptocurrency becomes another popular way to do the online transaction in simple way. That is the currency which is valid for the online or digital transaction. Sure, it becomes something popular since a lot of people are starting using them and the people are also trying to earn money with the cryptocurrency, for example by mining or trading. Then, another thing which we need to notice is that the cryptocurrency nowadays is not only about Bitcoin since there are hundreds of other options for the cryptocurrency. However, there are some of them which are popular the most as Bitcoin’s rivals.



One of the ideas of the types of cryptocurrency besides the Bitcoin is LiteCoin. That is one of the growing cryptocurrency types which are already popular. LiteCoin is also stated as the great yet popular alternative of Bitcoin. Even though the value is lower, but it can complete the need.


Ripple is also another option to consider in dealing with the cryptocurrency. However, it is a little bit different from others especially if it is compared to the Bitcoin. That has the unqiue features and characteristics in which it can be changed to the other currencies, as like to the conventional currency or even to the other digital currency as like LiteCoin, BitCoin, or others.


Another popular cryptocurrency nowadays is called PeerCoin which has its unique feature which is different from others. There is the combination of the proof of work and also proof of stake. That is great in dealing with the better security then.


If you are looking for another option, you can also notice and learn much about the PrimeCoin. That is one of the popular cryptocurrency nowadays which can also be the rival for BitCoin. The mechanism of computing is similar to Bitcoin, which is using the Proof of Work system. That can also be the good prospect for any of you who are interested in earning profits from the cryptocurrency.

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