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Pecun. Io is those world’s first completely decentralized venture investment platform. Their mission is on settle on those dynamic crypto coin What’s more ICO business sectors accessible to everybody, democratizing right of the new economy. With its reserve items Pecun. Io blankets those entire life cycle from claiming Blockchain innovation: Angel &Venture Capital Investments, Initial coin Offerings (ICOs), and additionally return exchanged currencies and tokens.

Those power for Pecun. Io’s timely investor will be much higher over with whatever available existing investment result. Constantly on Pecun. Io results would fully tokenized, settling on them Similarly as fluid Likewise a dollar note. Those focus speculations are only Blockchain ventures.

Pecun. Io’s venture less group will be actively filtering the showcase to blockchain start-ups with exceptional esteem proposition Furthermore secondary Growth possibility. They utilize a proprietary scoring and due persistence procedure fabricating around their team’s dexterity in the field for elective ventures to discover those best Blockchain ability Also advances. Constantly on start-up ventures are confirmed Eventually Tom’s perusing the expected persistence team, Also guaranteed by the organization.

In june 2017 Pecun. Io secured An 1 million USD duty from venture organization Valluga ag (Liechtenstein). Notwithstanding Pecun. Io may be expecting should offer 30. 000. 000 PCO tokens to an equal for 150. 000 ETH over a government funded token offer. Pecun. Io acknowledges Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin Also fiat Currencies (USD, YEN, EUR, SFR). Pecun. Io may be also those to start with ICO ever with acknowledge new particular cash Bitcoin money (BCC).

The returns will be used to raise their interesting store stage. The company’s dream may be will aggravate the greater part Blockchain speculations Concerning illustration fluid as An dollar note in the the vast majority helpful Furthermore most secure path.

For further data and the authority Pecun. Io whitepaper, visit their website toward www. Pecun. Io/.

ICO date:
09.08.2017 — 19.08.2017
Token Sales:
• Ethereum ERC20 tokens will be issued • 100 Million (100,000,000) total PCO Tokens will be created, of which 30% are sold in the token sale • Estimated token value in ETH offered in the token sale: 150,000 ETH or equivalent (subject to variations thru the crowd sale) • The creation will be soft-capped upon receipt of 150.000 ETH • Exchange Rate: 1ETH (or equivalent ) = 200 PCO • A reserve of 15% remains at PCO for angel investments, incentives and salaries • PCO token creation event will commence on 15th of September 2017, 9:00am UCT. • The Token Sale will last 30 days • The PCO tokens will be distributed 7 to 10 days after the closing • If the soft-cap is reached before the end of the 30 days, additional contributions will be accepted for 7 days • BTC, ETH, XRP and LTC accepted for the purchase of PCO Tokens • No more PCO will be created after this period, to avoid inflation
Dividends: will pay dividends to it’s tokenholders as a share of total net income every quarter;u=1055457

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