ONEGRAM: Sharia Compliant Gold Backed Cryptocurrency


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Why This Crypto is unique ?

1.Supported and backed by one gram of gold
OneGram utilizations blockchain innovation to make another sort of cryptocurrency, where each coin is supported by one gram of gold at dispatch.
Verifiably gold is stronger, and holds its value superior to any fiat cash, especially in times of monetary unsteadiness.
No cash can ensure outright dependability, yet OneGram limits your introduction to the drawback chance.
Since the base cost of OneGram is dependably at any rate equivalent to the spot cost of gold, OneGram has a floor cost.

2. Development with each exchange and every transaction
Each OneGram exchange produces a little charge. Not at all like different cryptocurrencies, in OneGram, this charge is reinvested (net of administrator expenses) to purchase more gold and increment the measure of gold that backs every token.
As exchange volume builds, more gold gets added to the vault and every one of the OneGram proprietors partake in the benefit. Along these lines, after some time, each OneGram is in a general sense worth more by outline.
OneGram is a benefit class that increments in esteem. From the cost of gold as well as from the measure of gold that backs each coin, which increments with every exchange. This makes OneGram an eternity expanding profitable resource.




OneGram Is Fully Sharia-Compliant

On the off chance that you aren’t a Muslim and don’t live in an Islamic district, the way that OneGram is completely consistent with Sharia – the Islamic law – won’t not appear to be excessively vital, making it impossible to you. In any case, please trust me, Sharia-consistence IS of foremost significance for Muslims and any individual who works together in the Islamic world.


OneGram is a completely Sharia consistent item intended to take after the three essential criteria for exchanging Islamic fund: 1) There is no intrigue component in the issuance of OneGram; 2) benefit misfortune sharing is a piece of the prizes plan; and 3) there is negligible theory as OneGram is an advantage sponsored by physical gold.


The 1.6 billion Muslims make up more than 23 percent of the total populace and constitute a gigantic local market for OneGram. A few districts in the Middle East, for example, Dubai, are monetary powerhouses and centers of developing significance. Accordingly, regardless of the possibility that you aren’t actually dedicated to Sharia, you ought to feel sure that developing interest from Islamic clients and markets will expand the estimation of OGC tokens.


OneGram Is Modern, User-Friendly Digital Money

The OneGram makers are presenting an assortment of easy to understand highlights and applications for quick genuine appropriation of OneGram as a money. OGC tokens will be purchased, sold and exchanged through the GoldGuard stage and the significant cryptocurrency exchanging stages.

Another installment portal named YallaPay will highlight a cutting edge, streamlined apparatus set for purchaser and shippers alike. A rechargeable GoldGuard Mastercard charge card – the Liquid Gold card – will work all around in ATMs, physical purposes of offer, and on the web. To wrap things up, easy to understand portable and web applications will add quality to the OneGram experience.

These components will likewise add to market interest for OneGram and increment the estimation of OGC tokens.

The OneGram ICO

An aggregate of 12,400,786 OGC tokens will be sold between May 21st and September 22nd and will be accessible for buy on the GoldGuard’s site. This is the most eager crowdsale objective in blockchain history with an objective of raising more than $500 million. At the present spot cost of gold, a sold out crowdsale would raise $554,910,372.


Please Welcome Ladies And Gentleman

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