Nexium Coin (NXC): Cryptocurrency used in Beyond The Void games.

nexium coin

What is nexium ?

Nexium Coin is a cryptocurrency that will be used in an up and coming ongoing technique/RTS based computer game called Beyond The Void. Think of it like DOTA 2 in space. Two players go up against each other on a space front line to gain control over the cosmic system. The diversion is intended to be succesful and playable in E-sports competitions.

Its confirmed that this games is free to play , sounds good right ?
We trust players ought to pay since they like the diversion and they have a precious time for playing it. Absolutely no need to pay with a specific amount to reach the end goal to appreciate the amusement of this great game.
The f2p model is broadly utilized as a part of computer games since it is effectively productive and best selling games from millenials people.
Our plan of action depends on a technique RTS games like “League of Legends”, which is the most played RTS games on the planet alongside with Dota 2, the most spilled and a standout among the most profitable MOBA ever made.
Why might players spend their cash on Nexium?
– To get the acces much quicker and faster
– To get various and many unique content
– To play with more key potential outcomes.
What do we offer in the nexium’s shop ?

Skins: playing a similar ship in all the times turns out to be more enjoyable in the event that you can pick an other optional skin. It is not limited and also has unlimited amount of skins that you can change it to the mothership and voile its a work of art: sounds and option effects impacts will be accessible too. if players feels solid with a ship, he can demonstrate it to the group by getting cool with new skin also other features , you can searches in game for it.

Holotags: it permits you to print your stamp/name mark in game war zone

Symbols/Profile Pictures: works of piece of art you can show on your profile picture for cool purpose

Titles: include a title, for example, “Specialist” toward the start or “Nevronom executioner” toward the end of your nicknames (and some more). Unique titles will be saved for supporters who just purchased initial coins on release (the sponsor list will be reported on October 3).

Point Boosters: they make you earn more coins diversion toward the finish of games stage

Occasional/Event cards: they include daily event in the games that players need to manage while playing. Each games adding several content online and noticeably unique and it includes key potential outcomes. These cards will be accessible to use for free, a couple day at any given moment and for a limited period . Players can test them, yet in the event that they need to utilize them all the time they need to buy them.

About the gameplay :

Summon your Mothership through an epic space war as you vanquish planets and battle against your rival’s armada ! Pick your aptitudes and occasion cards shrewdly in advance to suit your own particular gameplay and methodologies. Fabricate reapers and deal with your assets progressively to accomplish one objective: crush the foe.

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