MaidSafe Coin, The New Decentralized Internet

Have you ever dreamed of using the internet without the need of a Proxy, VPN, TOR, or even incognito browser? Now, it’s a reality with MaidSafe Coin.

MaidSafe is actually an acronym consisting of: MAID — Massive Array of Internet Disks, and SAFE — Secure Access For Everyone.

Rather than using data centers and servers common within today’s internet, which are prone to data theft and surveillance, the SAFE Network uses advanced P2P technology that joins together the spare computing capacity of all SAFE users, creating a global network. You can think of SAFE as a crowd sourced internet. It is on this network that everyone’s data and applications reside.


MaidSafe Ecosystem

The ecosystem around the SAFE Network is already starting to blossom and a number of exciting apps are already being built by third party developers using the SAFE APIs. Applications that provide access via the Launcher API ensure that you can access all apps with the same PIN, username and password used when you created your SAFE account. This means that you stay in control of your details at all times. The SAFE Network is soon to provide access to a world full of exciting apps where the security of your data is put above all else. In time, the SAFE software will provide access to: messaging, apps, email, social network, data storage, video conferencing, and much more.


MaidSafe Feature

The SAFE Network is made up of the unused hard drive space, processing power and data connection of its users. It offers a level of security and privacy not currently available on the existing Internet and turns the tables on companies – putting users in control of their data, rather than trusting it to organizations. There are a number of features that make this possible:

  • Self-Authentication: There is no need to give your password to anyone, or ask a third party’s permission to access your data. Your information, and access to it, belongs to you. PIN and Keyword are used to locate your data on the network and your password is then used to decrypt it locally. This means that no one needs to hold a record of your files, or your login details, and there is no need to ask anyone for permission to access it;
  • Self-Encryption: Files uploaded to the network by a user via one of the SAFE Network apps are broken into pieces, then encrypted, randomized and stored on the computers of the other SAFE Network users, and distributed across the network. These encrypted pieces are completely unreadable and inaccessible to anyone other than the owner;
  • Distributed Network (Opportunistic Caching): The SAFE Network is fully decentralized, with files distributed and stored all over the world, on different devices. This allows the network to be robust to attacks, with no central point of weakness. This provides your data with physical security, meaning that no third party can access or delete it, as can happen with existing centralized solutions;
  • Data Availability and built-in redundancy: The network is programmed to keep duplicate copies of each piece of data at all times. As users turn their computers off, the network makes more copies and stores them on other machines, ensuring that users always have access to their files. This constant movement of data is a key part of the security that the SAFE Network offers because there is no central point for hackers to target as the data locations keep changing;
  • Duplicates Removal: Once a file is uploaded, other users who upload the same file will be automatically referred to the original, limiting the number of copies and reducing the computing resources needed to store it.

You can read more about MaidSafe by visiting their   Main Website or  Official Forum. You can also do it by checking their social media on:   Twitter, Reddit,Slack, and  Meetup.


MaidSafe Development Team

MaidSafe has actually a small development team comprised of: thinkers, investors, tinkerers, PHDs, engineers, and designers. It all started in 2006 by a Scottish engineer called David Irvine. The development team is currently working on the Alpha version 2.0 Release, and they have provided their roadmap of MaidSafe, and it goes as following:

  • Client Test 1: The release of the SAFE Launcher and the SAFE Demo App;
  • Client Test 3: The first iteration of enabling users run vaults;
  • Alpha 1: Release of the alpha network and API version 0.5;
  • Client Test 9: Enabling users to send and receive SAFE Email – the first developer tutorial;
  • Alpha: The first public testing phase;
  • Client test 10: The team is currently focusing on this phase to enable users run Vaults and t combine the current data center hosted alpha network. There are multiple high level task in this phase:
  • The implementation of Disjoint Groups;
  • The design and implementation of Node Aging RFC;
  • The implementation of Data Chains.
  • Beta: Alpha implementations are reiterated and improved;
  • Release Candidate: The fundamental feature set is stabilized to provide greater security, resilience, and efficiency;
  • Release: Privacy, Security, Freedom.

SafeCoin is the crypto currency of the SAFE Network. The coin is a fair and transparent way of giving end users, developers and backers the opportunity to get involved in SAFE Network. SafeCoins may be earned traded or purchased and a total cap of 4.3 billion will be generated. The coin is only traded on Poloniex Exchange Platform.

In many crypto currencies and decentralized networks, a proof of something is required to allow the network to validate actions or services via a mathematically verifiable mechanism. Within the SAFE Network this all are validated in a very efficient, accurate and cryptographically secure manner. End users can earn SafeCoin by contributing resources to the network, and they are called resource providers. They provide these resources by running a Vault (a node), which handles requests and stores data for other users – that is called Proof of Resource (POR), which SafeCoin is based on.



Online data has become so insecure and data thefts are so commonplace that our trust in companies securing our data is almost eroded. A new way of managing data is required, and MaidSafe combines several features that aim to provide a level of privacy, security and freedom, which are not possible using existing methods, to everyone on the planet.

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