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What Is InvestFeed ?

investFeed intends to disturb the cryptographic money industry by bringing straightforwardness and usability which are presently deficient. Our principle objective is to incorporate cryptographic forms of money into the customary budgetary world and to make a solitary portal to the market that is open, straightforward, and rewards-based for every one of our clients, benefactors, and monetary organizations wherever they might be on the planet.

We have been in operation since 2014 and have a completely worked out social contributing stage with various interpersonal interaction highlights. This is not an arranged item. It exists today. Our investFeed Social system application for Android and iOS is accessible in the separate application stores. We have involvement and a demonstrated reputation keeping up a stage that takes into account the requirements of our clients.

Our current stage has more than 15 thousand part recruits with more than 200 thousand live encourages since dispatch. 78% of our clients are experienced dealers, 54% are well-off US grown-ups ($100k+) and 52% are independently employed or originators. This client base can be flawlessly changed over to our crypto-advertising. Once more, these are not determined client numbers. They exist today. Moreover, most crypto-merchants put resources into customary money related resources and in addition cryptographic forms of money thus there is a characteristic collaboration between our current and new advertising.

We are building another money related biological system, another way and we need our group to be our token holders. As much as we trust in the democratization of advanced executing, we additionally have confidence in putting the energy of our group once again under the control of the group. Accordingly, we are going for an ICO Initial Coin Offering and ask you, the crypto-group to be our supporters.

Each component in the investFeed stage that gives any additional incentive to its client will require installment utilizing FEED Tokens. Each client who encourages the utilization of a component which thus gives included esteem, will be qualified for get FEED Token (IFT).

As the system develops, there will be restricted token supply versus request and the estimation of the FEED Token will normally acknowledge, building up a solid environment and control instrument that prizes gainful substance and stifles the commotion.

The underneath are a rundown of arranged introductory utilize cases for the FEED Token. Be that as it may, this rundown is not thorough and as we have done previously, we will tune in and react to our patrons and group arrange, joining their perspectives on the most proficient method to enhance and enhance the stage and the group.

▪ Members (media outlets, experts and non-experts similarly) can contribute premium substance and charge in FEED Token for get to

▪ Promote your own particular substance and profile for organize presentation utilizing FEED Token

▪ Experienced financial specialists and examiners can adapt their insight and skill by sharing their thoughts, articles, recordings, and even portfolio execution and exchange action with their endorsers. The FEED Token expense be will controlled by the substance supplier and might be determined to a period based membership level or opening an individual bit of substance

▪ Users can take after best brokers and experts and news outlets and get ongoing cautions from those individuals by means of in stage warnings, email, SMS, and portable push notices utilizing FEED Tokens

▪ FEED Tokens will be required to get to the more elevated amounts of cutting edge dealer devices

▪ FEED Tokens can be utilized to buy an advertisement free affair from the system

Ethereum enables the creation of ERC20 tokens, which can be used in an incentive system to replace intermediaries. In investFeed’s system, FEED Tokens (IFT) will play a key role in providing economic incentives so that the rational behavior of individuals results in common good. Unlike in Twitter where volunteers must donate their time to contribute and validate information, on investFeed’s platform, contributors will be rewarded for their work and incentivized to continue increasing the value of the community ecosystem.;u=1055457


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