InsureX blockchain-secured marketplace for Insurance

InsureX blockchain-secured marketplace for Insurance 

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-Purchase and Sell Insurance

Organizations who have insurance items they wish to offer would show them available. Organizations who wish to purchase insurance would utilize the search or get advised of the posting.

-Portfolio Management

With a specific end goal to sort out your exchanges they can be organized as portfolios. Abnormal state, totaled data for the exchanges is accessible.

-Exchange Execution

At the point when a reasonable protection item is discovered the members start the way toward trading the required data. Each progression is followed in the stage.

-Showcase Market Insights

Keeping in mind the end goal to perceive what is on offer, and pick up a comprehension of the market, a rich and intense dashboard gives you a constant view.



InsureX Tokens IXT are used to pay for services and data on the platform. We will issue IXT during our crowdsale. The sale will last three weeks from the 11th of July to the 31th of July.


-Blockchain Technology

Our commercial center influences blockchain innovation which offers all members reliable, shared and secure procedures. The way of the decentralized blockchain permits a totally trustless communication between gatherings which expels outsider expenses and commissions. Our stage influences the Ethereum blockchain which makes it simpler for outside designers wishing to contribute without familiarizing themselves with yet another blockchain usage.


-Elite High Tech Storage

So as to process certain exchanges, private and secret data is required to be put away and traded. Our capacity is a secured NoSQL information texture. It compliments the blockchain organize by giving quick access to various information, for example, medicinal records or other secret data.

Various levels of security, outside verification and solid utilization profiling are incorporated.


-Application Stack

The UI is actualized utilizing React which is quick and responsive. We utilize a Node.js backend which handles the vast majority of the business rationale. The React and Node.js mix has turned out to be a quick, lightweight and vigorous approach. The UI renders on tablets and telephones and as a major aspect of our guide we’re building up a portable application, keeping in mind the end goal to exploit the local telephone and tablet abilities.


InsureX was founded in London in 2017. The concept came from Ingemar Svensson, whose company was working with various insurance clients who frequently brought up blockchain and the idea of an alternative marketplace.

Shortly after, InsureX engaged a reinsurance company in London who agreed to further explore how this platform could improve security, administration and cost.



The InsureX Token IXT

IXT powers the InsureX ecosystem and can be used for:

  • Transaction fees
  • Access to data
  • Annual subscriptions
  • API licences
  • Custom integration and support

Crowdsale Structure

  • Starts: 11th July
  • Ends: 31th July
  • Price: 1 ETH – 1,125 IXT
  • Crowdsale pool: 100,000,000 IXT
  • Reserve: 30,000,000 IXT
  • Minimum goal: 2,222 ETH
  • Maximum goal: 88,888 ETH

IXT ReWard Pool IRP

A portion of the IXT paid on the platform will be transferred to the IRP.  As a holder of IXT, you have a share in IRP proportionate to the number of tokens you own. The IRP will increase in value as the platform grows.

Bitcointalk username : TrissMerigold



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