The Ethereum Dice Game Play, Invest, Profit! The Ethereum Dice Game Play, Invest, Profit!

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Play from Anywhere

Our players can play Ethereum Dice versatile from anyplace on the planet. Our application is cross-stage, and versatile similarity is our top need.

We are the main blockchain dice amusement to consolidate portable applications.

-Madly Popular

-The iDice Ethereum Dice Beta Live discharge has officially handled about $250,000 worth of Ethereum in rewards over its initial two months. Our consistent players totally adore us.

Get a bit of the benefit by joining our crowdsale!

-Provably Fair

Each wager is publically visible on the Ethereum blockchain by means of our savvy contract. Because of our accomplice Oraclize, all wagers are irrefutable and provably reasonable.


Financial specialist Protection

We have secured handle utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. All tokens sent are dispersed through a savvy contract consequently on the blockchain. This framework fills in as a mechanized dependable escrow for token conveyance between the financial specialist and the keen shrink by depending on the Ethereum blockchain. The shrewd contract is open source, unquestionable, and totally reasonable. You can see the checked source code here. This token conveyance framework is comparative how past expansive ventures have circulated their tokens like Golem and Melonport.

To ensure facilitate financial specialists, we have made a most extreme top on the supply. 5 million iDice tokens is the most extreme conceivable sum, and there will never be more tokens. At the point when the aggregate tokens achieves this sum, no more ventures will be acknowledged. Regardless of the possibility that the proposed greatest supply top is not come to, there will never be any more tokens made after this crowdsale.


What you get

By putting resources into iDice, you will get iDice tokens at our predetermined conversion scale.

These iDice tokens qualifies you for a rate of all house benefits.

These iDice tokens additionally can be traded back to Ethereum after the crowdsale through trades.

This implies iDice tokens themselves will be tradeable for Ethereum even after the crowdsale.


Crowdsale Start Date

The crowdsale starts on June 12 (UTC 00:19:00). In many parts of the world, it will be June eleventh.

The principal week of the crowdsale will have a 30% reward on all tokens.


Conversion standard

To begin with week (June 12 2017, 01:19 GMT – June 19 2017, 00:19 GMT ): 1 ETH = 170 Tokens

Last week (June 19 2017, 00:19 GMT – June 26 2017, 00:19 GMT): 1 ETH = 130 Tokens (Regular Price)

Amid the main week of the crowdsale, financial specialists win 30% extra tokens contrasted with the general cost.


The Popularity of iDice

The monstrous accomplishment of our beta discharge for desktop stages has provoked numerous news sites to distribute articles about us!

All wagers are open, provably reasonable, and can be confirmed for genuineness on the blockchain here progressively.

Here are a couple significant digital money news sites that have included us.

It’s nothing unexpected we’re getting so much news scope. Since our beta discharge, we’ve been getting players constant.

Player rewards have totalled $250k in two months with $0 spent on promoting.

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