Cryptoleet Tutorial: How to setup Xtrabytes STaTiC node

XBY xtrabytes
XBY xtrabytes

Ever wondering How to setup Xtrabytes STaTiC node ? In this article we will show you step by step on How to setup xtrabytes STaTiC node.


First step: Download XtraBytes Wallet:

1. Download and save your wallet in a directory (ie. C:\XBY Wallet ) [You can use any other path, this one is just for example]
2. Execute the wallet and wait for the blockchain to sync [Notice how fast the blockchain will sync]
3. Transfer XBY coins to this wallet [Warning: Don’t Send Coins from STaTiC Node to this address, also remember there are 100 XBY transaction fee, so add additional 100 XBY for the fee]

Second step: Creating STaTiC Node Address:

1. Open command (cmd) window [Click Start > Type ‘cmd’ and click]
2. Type these commands:

d: (click enter)
cd C:\XBY Wallet (click enter)
dir (click enter)

3. Enter following commands:

mkdir staticnode (click enter)
dir (click enter) [You will see see a new directory called “staticnode”.

4. Enter following commands:

xtrabytes-qt.exe -datadir=staticnode (click enter)

5. Warning! – DO NOT CLOSE CMD WINDOW [You have to type all the commands again later if you close the cmd window.]

Third step: Deposit XBY to the new STaTiC Node Address:

1. Open wallet, click on RECEIVE COINS. Right click on the address to copy it, paste it somewhere (ex: notepad) for later use.
2. There are 2 option to deposit your STaTiC wallet:
Option 1 – Send exact amount of XBY directly from Exchange like C-CEX or Yobit to YOUR STaTiC Wallet address.
Option 2 -Send accessible coins from your original main wallet to your STaTiC Node.

Details for Option 1:
Go to C-CEX or yobit and transfer 500.100 XBY (100 XBY as fee) to the STaTiC wallet address.

Details for Option 2:
1. Close your STaTiC Node Wallet
2. Open your MAIN wallet [click xtrabytes-qt.exe in your XBY directory]
3. Send 500.100 XBY to the the STaTiC wallet address.
4. Close your Main wallet
5. Open your STaTiC Node Wallet, you can do this by reopening the CMD window. Click the up arrow to recall the last command.
If you want additional STaTiC Nodes, just follow the same steps in section 2. The difference is, you must use alternate names, such as:
mkdir staticnode2
mkdir staticnode3
mkdir staticnode4 and so on
xtrabytes-qt.exe -datadir=staticnode2
xtrabytes-qt.exe -datadir=staticnode3
xtrabytes-qt.exe -datadir=staticnode4

Final Step: Save and SECURE the STaTiC Node Private Keys

Having your static node already set up, it is strongly recommended to save the private key, and this is best done by printing on a piece of paper because digital copy that can be lost or damaged. In fact, several copies of the digital copy and on the paper is never a bad idea.
So, to get your private key, go to any STATIC wallet and MAIN wallet and follow the instructions below:
Click Help> Window Debug> Console
Cmd in the bottom box the following: dumpprivkey HCEDWswDI98 …. (this is the address of the node receiving STATIC works to protect it), and press the Enter key.
You will now see the private key (the lengthiest address), and that is what you want to store, but be sure to avoid the address of the corresponding portfolio to avoid confusion if you have many.

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  1. Ah, very good instructions, truly helpful! I’ve invested in this coin because I can see the great community and tech!

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