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What is Globcoin ?

It’s a computerized coin that joins the best of cryptographic forms of money and the best of conventional monetary forms. GLOBCOIN opens new conceivable outcomes to everybody wishing to send or get cash in a protected, modest and quick way

Globcoin Crypto Platform

The Platform will empower the dispatch of redid cash containers for an assortment of employments. Money bushels are arrangement of chose monetary forms with various weightings.


Utilized by Central Banks, not very many individuals would approach the system important to build such an offering themselves. No retail bank or dealer right now offers such a crate.


The Platform will give adaptability to speculators and enables them to express a view on a nation or a gathering of monetary standards, or to fence against the debilitating of others.


The primary bushel to be propelled, comparing to the World Reserve Currency (which we call GLX), will empower its holders to strategically change to the most stable instrument, turned out to be generally to be much more steady than the Swiss Franc.


This framework enables Globcoin to make bespoke crates for various markets.

Globcoin Platform Use Case 1

GLOBCOIN is an advanced Coin that weds the best parts of current digital forms of money with the best parts of fiat monetary standards. The estimation of the coin (GLX) is connected to a container of fiat monetary forms of the 15 biggest world economies and 5 % Gold.

Its esteem mirrors the world economy including its new parts and patterns, for example, the blasting economies of nations like China or India, while keeping up a decent adjust of the monetary forms of Western economies.

Globcoin’s GLX are tokens that capacity as a store of significant worth and a medium of trade. Each token speaks to 1 unit of a container comprising of the national monetary forms of the 15 biggest economies and Gold, as estimated by GDP, balanced by PPP.

Best of the two universes

A computerized cash joining the advantages of Blockchain innovation with the strength of a container of “customary monetary standards”.

Upheld token

100% upheld token, 1-to-1 held in straightforward and reviewed holds.

Hazard administration

Secure in the estimation of your crypto portfolio and ensure against drawdowns and instability.

Money lack of bias

Money nonpartisan mean of installment perfect for P2P exchanges.

Gifted group

Group consolidating FX and blockchain encounter, effective business enterprise.

Solid organizations

Organizations with trades and put stock in banks.

Globcoin Platform Use Case 2

Multicurrency Payment Card


Globcoin Multicurrency Saving Account and Multicurrency Prepaid MasterCard is a stage available on the web or by means of an App, offering the blend of multicurrency installments and reserve funds.

GLOBCOIN account like you would in some other ledger, Ewallet, travel card, and so forth move it into a scope of various currencies,pay individuals, get cash, pull back money and purchase things on the web.

GLOBCOIN gives showcase driving valuing and technology,wrapped in a simple to utilize application reasonable for a wide range of clients – expats, explorers, understudies, and, progressively, “Worldwide migrants”.

It is the ideal answer for anybody hoping to spare cash when voyaging or sending cash to another country. GLOBCOIN speaks to the eventual fate of FX, conveying the forces of worldwide markets to the fingertips of its cardholders. We intend to add the GLX to the monetary standards accessible on the card. We are including new clients every day, without far reaching costly promoting, yet for the most part by overhearing people’s conversations

Globcoin is a computerized money that consolidations the best parts of fiat cash with those of advanced monetary forms. The estimation of this money is connected to monetary forms in 15 of the world’s greatest economies. Also, it is connected to 5% gold. The estimation of this money is intelligent of the world economy and incorporate new patterns and parts like the developing economies of China and India. In any case, it additionally keeps up an adjust of cash from economies in the West.

The cash was propelled in 2013 by a group in the UK and Switzerland. It went under the brand name “Worldwide Reserve Currency.” It has just been offered to high total assets people and significant enterprises.

GlobCoin to Launch an ICO

Globcoin will dispatch an ICO in around 30 days. An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is when speculators are offered a couple of units or token of a computerized money. These ICOs have been around since 2013. They are typically used to support advancement of the cryptographic money. The tokens can be exchanged or sold effortlessly on computerized cash trades if the request exists for them.

ICO has been an imperative device that could reform the budgetary framework and not simply advanced monetary standards. In future, ICO could turn into the offers and securities against which individuals can exchange.

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