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What is Gilgamesh ?

The Legend of Gilgamesh is the name of a Sumerian writing epic which is likewise the main writing piece at any point distributed ever. Along these lines, it is a work that denoted a period. The Gilgamesh Platform additionally needs to check a period with the progressions that it will give in the writing market.

What the Gilgamesh Platform expects to do is to interface authors with their perusers and cut the mediators: distributers. Distributers regularly take the greatest cut of the benefits of offering writing books. What this organization expects to do is to be a decentralized stage in which clients, the two scholars and their perusers, can cooperate without the need of distributers.

Along these lines, Gilgamesh will have the capacity to offer the two perusers and essayists the best of the market without the need of interruption by distributing organizations.

How Does Gilgamesh Work?

Gilgamesh will work utilizing an Ethereum-based blockchain framework that will utilize shrewd contracts to make its clients ready to exchange their cryptographic money, GIL tokens. To get to this stage, the clients should utilize the Gilgamesh App.

The application will interface the clients, scholars and the specialist co-ops. The administration clients like editors and advertisers will have the capacity to by and by contact the essayists or their operators and exchange by and by with them, just paying a little rate to the organization.

The scholars will pay GIL tokens to the Gilgamesh organization for their administrations however will get the help of eBook creation and conveyance and their books will be sold. They will pay for the administration as opposed to getting an offer of the benefit like it typically occurs in customary distributing organizations.

The customary distributers don’t offer a decent input from the perusers to the creators. The Gilgamesh stage will enhance the correspondence between the perusers and the author, which will make them ready to enhance their work with the criticism they will get from them.

Clients can compose audits and be remunerated with GIL, so they will get genuine benefit from giving their criticism for the creators. Each exchange inside the Gilgamesh stage will be made utilizing their tokens, GIL.

The Gilgamesh stage is basically an open market in which clients can mingle, discover, purchase, audit, and talk about books. This gives them coordinate impact over the distributing business, and enables creators to distribute their work specifically, giving them full control of their own work.

Through a social application that interfaces perusers, writers, and other information individuals, there’s a motivating force to talk about particular sections, books, and thoughts, adequately enabling clients to end up more educated and boosting them to peruse more books and grasp new perspectives

The stage additionally makes a biological community that helps specialist co-ops help creators. To do this, it presents a commercial center of specialist co-ops that can get paid for their work. Book cover planners, editors, duplicate editors, and interpreters, for instance, are every one of the a piece of the commercial center.

On the Gilgamesh Platform, creators will have the capacity to peruse specialist co-ops by rating, sort, and expense. Given that they won’t have to join forces with distributers to get their books out there, they’ll see higher profits for their work and will be inspired to continue composing stunning books.

With the utilization of blockchain innovation, the Gilgamesh stage scrambles and stores book substance on IPFS and Ethereum shrewd contracts, and adds administration to its stage with the utilization of its own Ethereum-based token, the GIL token.

The GIL token is the stage’s cash: it can be utilized to purchase books and ebooks, buy administrations from specialist co-ops, and to oversee the Gilgamesh Platform, as token holders will have the capacity to vote on changes that are to be connected to the stage. Clients who definitively connect with the stage – by composing a book survey, for instance – will be remunerated with GIL tokens.

Books have been our primary wellspring of learning for a large number of years. Be that as it may, with the coming of new innovations and the web, there is no basic, significant, and beneficial stage that empowers book perusers and writers to associate, draw in, and pick up learning.

Rather, the market is loaded with dormant and obsolete stages that never again fulfill the requests of the book group.

Writers and perusers are not associated

Perusers can’t mingle and share learning with different perusers

Writers don’t get constant criticism and surveys of their books

Distributers are the mediator

Intense distributing organizations control the business by restricting creators’ capacity to add to the market, procure a reasonable wage, and hold the rights to their work.

By keeping up control of the business, distributers guarantee their position as a mediator in most book productions and deals, and win high commissions with insignificant risk to their position in the distributing procedure.

By and large, distributers are simply mediators encroaching on creators’ rights and exploiting the power they hold. The impact distributers have makes a hindrance to correspondence and access among writers, distributing specialist co-ops, and perusers.

Distributers hold all the financial and lawful power

Distributers forbid open correspondence amongst creators and industry-based specialist organizations

Independently publishing requires excessively start up capital for generally creators

Creators are leaving the market to procure a living compensation in different businesses

Gilgamesh Platform is the Solution

The Gilgamesh stage gives an extraordinary, straightforward client encounter that urges perusers to draw in and interface with each other, devour more educational substance, and pick up information.

The stage is an open market for clients to mingle; discover, purchase, audit, and talk about books; and straightforwardly impact the distributing business. Writers will have the capacity to distribute their work through specialist organizations and get the full money related advantage of their deals on the stage, which will carry new writers into the market and impact the way individuals expend books.

Perusers, faultfinders, and creators can associate socially

The stage revives the book business and makes an amicable and fun condition for the book group

Gilgamesh evacuates the distributer as go between; creators can buy administrations from independently publishing specialist co-ops on the stage

Creators and specialist co-ops procure a reasonable, living compensation for their deals and administrations

Clients make their own particular open doors for progress and end up more joyful, more savvy individuals


From January to March 2018, Gilgamesh leads a token deal with a mean to appropriate 60,000,000 GIL Tokens. The hard top of the deal is around $60,000,000.;u=1067756

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