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What is Gilgames ? is arranging and planning to dispatch a stage enabling both individual players and groups to contend in prominent eSport games such as – DOTA2, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, and so forth – directed by our own manmade brainpower.

The customer application, which can be downloaded from our presentation page, will keep running inside an electron structure on JavaScript, HTML, CSS premise stage won’t rely upon the working arrangement of the client. The primary hostile to cheat protection line is implanted in the customer application. It screens the projects utilized by the client and their obstruction with the running amusement program. The interface will enable the client to make a record by subsidizing another Ethereum address with Ether by means of a built up installment processor.

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The most serious issue in each internet diversion is deceiving, either monetarily (charge card fakes) or in-games tricking. We intend to kill the danger of the previous by decentralizing exchanges on the premise of ethereum blockchain; while if there should arise an occurrence of the last mentioned, we are wanting to dispose of in-amusement bamboozling by methods for strict KYC programming checking, utilizing our own counterfeit consciousness.


Budgetary exchanges of players will be directed by keen contracts running on Ethereum blockchain, the execution of which can’t be controlled remotely, consequently they are executed as per pre-coded results.Quick payments , Secure exchanges ,Brilliant smart contracts


The manmade brainpower of our Artificial Intelligence created by us will break down the result of each match and decide the aftereffect of the games. Gatherings may acknowledge this result or place their dissensions. Customer based application separating ,AI based match separating ,KYC based client filtering


The stage will be produced separated into a few locales so as to keep pings low and appropriate system stack. The locales are intended to be the accompanying: Asia , Australia , Europe ,North America , South America






We are a Creative Team situated in Hungary, Malta and Mainland China. We have a great deal of involvement in Blockchain business, programming and esport amusements, fundamentally of CS:GO and DOTA2. We get a kick out of the chance to see esport matches, and play the recreations. We think everyone should get a chance to play for cash. Utilize your leisure activity to profit!

Their group has extremely experienced CS:GO and DOTA2 players. They know everything about these recreations and they can help in building up the stage.

Their group incorporates a profoundly gifted blockchain designer, who makes the keen contracts. Those agreements will guarantee that each victor can take their cash.

Their group has amazingly experienced and very expert software engineers creating stage, the servers and customer. The servers will work with Node.js. The Client will work in electron.


We want to change gamers’ lives!

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