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What is Fidelium ?

These days, digital currencies are thought to be only a venture. Imagine a scenario where square chain cash, one day, will turn into a genuine installment medium. This sort of financial insurgency guarantees us FIDELIUM, a venture which consolidate a digital currency trade, exchanging stage and installment technique. Sound fascinating, is in it?

It is conceivable to characterize this task in 4 words: multi practical wallet and exchanging stage. In any case, it will take many words to portray every one of it’s favorable circumstances and contrasts from another comparative undertakings. Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to peruse more point by point data I prescribe you to check a venture whitepaper — available here:

On the off chance that a few alternate routes are okay for you, underneath you have a few capacities Fidelium wallet gives.

· Within Fidelium versatile application you can oversee tokens like: Bitcoin, Etherneum, Litecoin and local for this undertaking Fidelium token. Mysteriously whitepaper’s creators guarantee additionally another upheld digital currency however without giving any exact name.

· Fidelium guarantees to make empower snappy and helpful stores and withdrawals, anyplace on the planet, with no unique confinements or holding up time. As I comprehended that is all on account of the participation with installment processors. There is no data for now, with whom precisely they need to (or they as of now do) collaborate.

· For a check card you will get you can set the default crypto you need to make installments with. On the off chance that we will check that time is cash, these element spare your chance as well as increment the client persuade.

CROSS-EXCHANGE TRADING PLATFORM CALLED FORTRESS is another part of Fidelium venture. As indicated by the makers, Fortress expected to be a single natural program, which achieves bounty trades and exchange with them. Close to, with Fidelium’s Fortress Online Trading System (OTS) you will have the capacity to check distinctive costs a specific coin is exchanging at various trades, figure out which trade offers the best cost, and make proper exchanges at whichever trades you need.

Beneath you can see a few plans how Fortress takes a shot at essential and conceptual levels. The last piece of the chain, a client, bargains just with Fortress interface. On specialized level Fortress comprise of : COS (Click arrange framework), SAMS (Smart Arbitrage Matching System), CMS (Currency Management System), ATS (Automatic Trading System). Particularly worth consideration is: S.A.M.S. — Smart Arbitrage Matching System. Fortification’s S.A.M.S will naturally ascertain and show the best arbitrage open door for exchanging productivity.

On the off chance that we discuss Fortess development on unique level (check left plan), on the HR level Fortress comprise of specialists with fund and security foundation.

To entirety up: is a crypto trade and multifunctional wallet a progressive thought for ICO? Not in the least. In any case, awesome and in some cases even magnificent accomplishment of comparable activities demonstrates that there is a requirement for this sort of administrations. Moreover, I am extremely awed by the Fidelium venture many-sided quality. Administrations I depicted here are simply hint of a greater challenge, in this way, once more, on the off chance that you need to take in more about the task, please check Fidelium site: I additionally prescribe you to peruse a whitepaper (63 pages with pictures how Fortress interface is wanted to resembles, and numerous cases delineating venture usefulness). In reality Fidelium group made simply brilliant work with setting up the promo materials and clarifying administration thought in an extremely straightforward and available way.\

Things to take a shot at:

HYPE — It would be feel sorry for if such a brilliant materials haven’t been seen by an extraordinary number of individuals. These task has quite recently mind blowing potential and I truly trust that advertising will begin an advancement crusade soon.

BETA versions — lack of prepared application and stage (even in beta forms) doesn’t pick up trust. To brighten up, their discharge date is pretty soon — April and May.

Baffling INFO ABOUT EXCHANGES — there is no data if any stock officially consented to work with them. How about we trust a few game plans will be made soon.


I truly think a Fidelium is a task worth to contribute with incredible opportunities to bring brilliant eggs. Minuses I portray are anything but difficult to fix and I would like to see extend advancement in next couple weeks.

On the off chance that you need to help this task click here: ( .

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