EcoBit is blockchain advanced crypto token/coin which is decentralized and 100% straightforward.


Eco-capital – otherwise called green capital – is a portrayal of “nature’s monetary esteem”, a term utilized for common living things; regular assets, for example, woods, water and air; and every single characteristic resource, for example, the top and exchange framework, and carbon exchanging (putting a cost on carbon discharge into the environment). Eco-Capital is gone for use to determine natural issues.


There’s such a large number of reasons why you ought to partake in ECB. Initially, it has an enormous potential to convey extraordinarily significant yields (REDD+ carbon exchanging and green reasonable ventures). Besides, putting resources into ECB is likewise a way to put resources into a greener future. Thirdly, as an individual from the EcoBit family, you will get many advantages and livens. Fourthly, ECB concentrates on green economy, as well as spotlights on solid living (Spirulina cultivate and Aquaponics Farm). To wrap things up, ECB is set for spread its green activities all around by teaching individuals on green and economical undertakings by riding on its stand-out eco-tourism ECB Sanctuary inn as a green training center point open to all ECB members.
What does ECB do?
– EcoBit’s assets are utilized to take part in green-related tasks (see beneath).
– The profits from the activities are reinvested in growing more green tasks, which advantage the groups and token holders, in addition to gives a pay stream to token holders.

What sort of tasks is EcoBit seeking after?

Carbon credit ventures – the first real venture secured by ECB is the 30-year concession more than 1 million sections of land of forested land.
As an end-result of dealing with the forested zone, and playing out a carbon review, ECB will have a 55%:45% benefit sharing(refer to news article connect underneath) over the carbon credits with 55% heading off to the stage government (that granted the concession) and 45% going to Climate Protectors Sdn Bhd (the organization undertaking the ECB issuance) to-review its-carbon-credits/
-Spirulina Farm
-Aquaponic Farm
-EcoBit Hotel and Eco Tourism
-Unfenced Farm
-EcoBit Blockchain Bank
-Coconut Plantation

ICO points of interest

Following quite a while of prep work, including progress on certifiable activities, the ICO dispatch date is ninth April 2017.
Amid the first 10 days, 1 ECB = US$0.03 (approx. 0.00003 BTC per ECB token at US$1,000 per BTC).
From Day 11 to Day 60, the cost of 1 ECB ascends by US$0.0003 a day (1% a day).
Day 11, 1 EcoBit = US$0.0303
Day 12, 1 EcoBit = US$0.0306
Day 13, 1 EcoBit = US$0.0309
Day 60, 1 EcoBit = US$0.045
After this date, the ICO is shut and won’t be re-opened.
Note: BTC, ETH and XEM costs change amid the ICO period, and hence, any transformation to EcoBit is reliant on the overall cost.
Embrace early, and get an up-to-half markdown contrasted with later adopters.

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