DENT – Tokenizing the Mobile Data Industry


What is DENT ?

World’s First Mobile Data Exchange DENT Seeks to Disrupt Telco Market with Blockchain

We are satisfied to present DENT, the token that resolution the DENT Mobile Exchange.

DENT will be accessible through a crowdsale open to the group and community.

The crowdsale will begin on July 12, 2017 15:00 GMT

It will end on July 26th 2017 15:00 GMT

DENT Wireless Limited has reported its aim to disturb the world’s telco showcase by making the main Mobile Data Exchange. Imprint intends to free portable information by empowering anybody to purchase, offer and give information through the Ethereum blockchain utilizing another all inclusive cash for information advertises, the DENT Token.

Mobile Data information is getting to be noticeably a standout amongst the most critical products for the general population. At DENT we need to empower anybody with unused mobile data to exchange it through a safe decentralized trade as a byproduct of digital currency tokens. The over-the-top DENT Exchange will empower clients to interface with each other in distributed design over a blockchain-based exchanging stage to purchase, offer and even give their unused mobile data recompenses.

Three Disruption Megatrends on Mobile Operator Business that DENT is tending to

1. Freedom of Mobile Data.
The DENT Token will be the overall money for Mobile Data amongst Telcos and the client group. DENT empowers an “Information Sharing Economy” where clients can uninhibitedly purchase, offer and give their mobile data, from any client to any client.

2. Interruption of global Roaming.
Scratch encourages the evacuation of information meandering cost drivers, for example, costly routings between Telcos.

3. Automatized mobile data buy at the best cost.
DENT empowers robotized buy capacity of data bundles for purchasers and iOT gadgets. The client dependably gets the best cost from the most appropriate administrator in his area, without worrying about purchasing excessively or too little data.

 Estimated token value in ETH offered in this token sale: 152,000 ETH,
(subject to variations thru the crowdsale)

100 Billion (100,000,000,000) total tokens created, of which 70% will be sold in the token sale
(presale + public token sale)

The Company will conduct a public sale of Tokens (the “Crowdsale”), which will begin at 13:00 UTC on July 12, 2017 (the “Crowdsale Launch Date”) and end at 22:59 UTC on July 26, 2017 (the “Crowdsale End Date”) or when 70,000,000,000 DENT (“DENT”) Tokens have been sold, whichever is earlier.

DENT will disrupting the mobile operator industry by making a trade for purchasing and offering of mobile data

Our vision is to make a worldwide trade utilizing Ethereum blockchain, where everybody on this planet has the chance to purchase and offer portable data transmission in any nation simply like you purchase outside monetary forms on FOREX.

The telco business is a complicated, divided chaos as 1990’s. There are a modest bunch of telcos in every nation, separated storehouses that don’t interoperate appropriately with each other on the portable market. Telco clients are stuck in a trap, where their bought data bundles that expired each month, regardless of the possibility that they paid for it. We are endeavoring to free it, while making new open doors for telcos as well.

Presenting the DENT Exchange

DENT will be the worldwide trade formobile data where – when completely scaled up – the world’s mobile data is sold, purchased or given, much the same as different items, for example, monetary standards are exchanged today. DENT will make information evaluating straightforward, and through mechanized offering builds the effectiveness of procurement, much the same as spot markets and computerized publicizing today.

DENT Tokens will be the worldwide money for exchanging mobile data by means of the Ethereum blockchain. Data and DENT Tokens are brilliant contracts inside the blockchain, and in this manner robotize the money related process and associate together clients and telcos all around. The decentralized idea of Ethereum implies that the DENT Exchange is a worldwide stage ideal from the begin.;u=1055457

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