Curaizon CuraToken ICO (CTKN Token): Blockchain Medical Healthcare

What is Curaizon ?

The appeal of cryptocurrency is the topic of lots dialogue inside the financial international these days, however increasingly more systems are starting to combine non-crypto hobbies with tokens to increase their attain. while different options include institutions with social media and the acquisition of products, Curaizon gives a way to have a bigger have an effect on on the fitness enterprise and the statistics of consumers.

Curaizon is a platform that wants to assist sufferers enhance their standard fitness, at the same time as decreasing their fee of healthcare in the long run. The enterprise developed a application referred to as CuraServe, which lets sufferers get admission to information approximately their medications, at the same time as managing their dose as properly.

CuraServe is where purchasers might be able to use tokens and is largely the affected person database for consumers. It changed into created by countrywide health offerings, and permits customers to setup medication reminders, and might lower their ordinary cost of being handled for their condition.

due to the fact that the general public already do their first-class to don’t forget medications, some people can also wonder why this form of platform is essential. but, even in evolved international locations, simplest half of patients absolutely take their medications inside the manner that they’re presupposed to. This easy choice to now not take remedy properly money owed for over 50% of visits to the doctor, over 40% of long-time period care admissions, and over forty% of health center re-admissions.

the shortage of following simple instructions with medicinal drug adds about $seven-hundred billion to the national price of useless healthcare, which is most effective multiplied with low adherence to a medication agenda. The offerings presented on the platform will help purchasers stay with their regimen extra easily.

CuraServe is the device that facilitates clients stay on pinnacle of their medications. The complete system is an ongoing cycle. CuraServe’s role is to reach out to patients with non-intrusive reminders about any dosage they take. Then, CuraData collects facts approximately the patients to assist with healthcare records. That information is transferred to CuraView, that is partnered with healthcare carriers for actual time facts.

The internet site for Curaizon already has a whitepaper indexed, which need to cross into more intensity about the plans of the platform. but, if there are different questions, purchasers can send an e-mail to
Curaizon end

The intention of the Curaizon platform is to advantage both sufferers and vendors inside the health industry, which bills for 1.4 billion people proper now. The give up aim is to retain improvement and make healthcare more cheap and much less complex for contributors. that is a platform that might advantage the manner customers are handled, whilst minimizing visits to the health practitioner, if purchasers are willing to place forth the effort.

Curaserver would help communicates with patients the use of non intrusive reminders to permit and Curaserve also permit own family participants to guide sufferers and also supports healthcare companies with a actual-time into patient conduct .

CuraView integrates with fitness services legacy systems and also make sure that every one patient facts is contemporary and presents real time remarks to digital medical file .

Curadata collects precise and treasured information and holds only demographic and adherence information. affected person identifiers held by means of health provider which would be to be had via CuraToken


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