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cryptogamesnet Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum Gambling

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There is no register required. Each client gets a remarkable ID. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT USERS ADD AN E-MAIL ADDRESS TO SECURE THEIR ACCOUNT. At the point when record is secured and client is signed in, session is legitimate for 7 days, after that period client needs to sign in once more. At the point when an ID is produced, you will get an individual store address where you can send your cryptocoins. After effectively keeping your deposit, you are prepared to play!

Cryptocurrency Accepted :

Yeah as you can see ..this is the most complete gambling site , accepting many alt coins like dash , doge , ethereum , gridcoin , litecoin , monero , peercoin ..what else do you need ?

Deposit and Withdrawals :

The minimum deposits are as follows:

0.0001 Bitcoin

0.005 Ether

0.01 Litecoin

100 Dogecoin

0.01 Monero

0.01 Dash

6 Gridcoin

0.1 Peercoin

Lower amounts will not be credited to your account.

The minimum withdrawals are as follows:

0.002 Bitcoin

0.05 Ether

0.1 Litecoin

500 Dogecoin

0.2 Monero

0.05 Dash

60 Gridcoin

1 Peercoin


The Unique is deposit and withdrawals is lightning fast , its only need 2 confirmation probably takes like 2 minutes . Also don’t worry about transaction fees , crypto-games will cover all withdrawal fees and you can withdraw up to 10 times in a day


You Can Play It For Free !!

Yeah , on inside theres a faucet reward system , faucet will available depends on your in-game ranks and its up to 60 request  . But don’t abuse it , its may lead your account to get banned



UI is refreshing yet so smooth with mix of black and yellow font portion , everything you need is in there , I guarantee that you will like this site . You are not going to lost it

Slots UI design is also pretty simple and understandable for newbies , basically you just put your coins in it and start playing it straight away .


Provably Fair betting is an innovation that is exceptional to Bitcoin betting that makes it unthinkable for a player or gambling club to cheating on the system.

You will think in the future need to question the house for your each misfortune. In this way, whatever games you are playing, you can be sure that the outcome is fair and decency is provable.

To check each wager, you can tap on BetID and you’ll get more definite data for every individual wager.

Im not going to explain all games because rest of the games I didn’t understand the system 😀



You can chat with other players while playing any game. For quick help, use the !help command within the chat window.

The chat window allows you to tip other players by typing the command !tip [nickname] [amount] [coin]. For example, to send ChuckNorris 0.5 Litecoin to his Crypto-Games account, use the following command: !tip ChuckNorris 0.5 LTC. The minimum tipping amounts are: 0.002 Bitcoin, 0.05 Ether, 500 Dogecoin, 0.1 Litecoin, 0.2 Monero, 0.05 Dash, 60 Gridcoin, 1 Peercoin and 1,000,000 PlayMoney. Also you cand use emoji , smiley and having fun all day .



Crypto-Games is unlike other gambling site  , because this site is more complete and very rewarding system that you will experience it  throughout this site , Professional Design , Low House Edge , Nearly Instand Deposit and Withdrawals !


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    Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Monero, ZCash, GameCredits, NEM, Bytecoin, Sibcoin.
    Those are the most popular, you can always check what is the current option available in your country:

    Remember enjoy the game!

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