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What is the Cosplay Token COT? The Cosplay Token Bunk is the title of the greatest online cosplay community within the world right presently. The stage as of now has more than 720,000 individuals from over 180 nations and it bolsters 12 distinctive dialects. The company states that it has more than 6.5 million pictures on its servers. The community in some cases battles to monetize its administrations and from this issue, the thought of the Remedy Cosplay Token, a modern token to be utilized within the installment of the administrations made on the Cure Cosplay stage, was born. Cure Cosplay as of now features a arrange that ranges from 2018 to 2019 around how to create the up and coming Remedy Cosplay app and the Remedy Cosplay Token successful. Junichiro Kawai, CEO of the Remedy Cosplay stage, is the head behind the Remedy Cosplay Token. He does not have involvement with the blockchain innovation but has bounty of involvement with cosplay and with the community. How Does the Remedy Cosplay Token Work? The primary objective of Remedy Cosplay is the creation .

Cosplay Token could be a unused cryptocurrency pointed to assist monetarily support Cosplayers around the world. But why make a unused coin for this particular reason after you may fair support your favorite cosplayers with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or any of the 1000+ coins that as of now surge the market? For this survey, I have examined the Whitepaper, the group included, the market they arrange to enter, token esteem for financial specialists, looked for pros&cons, conceivable ruddy banners, conjointly have talked specifically to someone included in this venture to reply my questions and questions, within the case of this ICO I have talked to Junichiro Kawai, the CEO of Cosplay Token. Cosplay Token (Bed) will be utilized by the Remedy World Cosplay site, a community moreover overseen by the same group, the most thought behind Bed is to utilize it for contributing to person cosplayers and getting something in return such as get to to elite substance or occasions. In that way Bed will be more comparative to Patreon than to other cryptocurencies.

A major interesting distinction within the way this stage will work is that the CPC tokens will be a Savvy Token, usually something borrowed from the Bancor protocol. Explaining it in an awfully oversimplified way how a shrewd token works, it implies the more Bunk the Player puts in his save, the higher the cost his possess CPC will ended up, and more CPC will be issued. The inverse will too be genuine, in the event that the Player withdrawn COT from his save the cost of his CPC will go down and so does the whole supply. This goes against the showcase rationale of higher supply lower cost, lower supply higher cost, but I figure the save makes up for the collateral of the Savvy Token system. Note that, the Remedy World Stage or it’s tokens are not in any way associated to the Bancor stage or BNT. They fair borrow the concept of the Savvy Token mechanics. The illustrations within the whitepaper are too exceptionally confounding since they utilize ETH/BNT sets, and the information doesn’t make sense (ex: 1 BNT = 10 ETH).

Pros & Cons


  • Cosplay community is young and more prone to embracing technological changes. (this is my own opinion)
  • Ambassadors should play a significantly role getting this token value to grow.
  • Lower fees then Patreon, this is a big plus since many cosplayers could switch to Cosplay Token.
  • Very large world wide community, in which the team is also involved.
  • Token will be part of a already established platform.


  • Cosplayers need to pay first before they can issue their own CPC tokens and earn money, this should not be a problem for Cosplayers with a large established fan base but it’s quite bad for smaller cosplayers who are at the risk of losing money if they overestimate their own fan bases.

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