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-CoinDash Portfolio: Track, dissect and make smart ventures investment.

Learn essential examination about your ventures: execution, chance, resource distribution and broadening. Embed your open key and the framework will naturally give you bits of knowledge about your exchanging details and history.

CoinDash doesn’t hold any assets or private keys

-See, take after, and duplicate top financial investors specialists.

CoinDash social exchanging biological community will enable clients to share and view venture data and methodologies.

You will have the capacity to take after different financial specialists, see their advantage assignment and execution and in addition duplicate exchange their ICO ventures utilizing a smart contract instrument.

This speaks to CoinDash’s harmonious system where learner dealers can now increase truly necessary data while beat merchants can pick up from sharing their insight and accomplishments.

-Commercial center: Discover and put resources into new open doors straightforwardly from CoinDash stage.

CoinDash will incorporate coordinated constant market information and outsider venture instruments to give you the best accessible speculation devices in the crypto space in one exceptional stage.

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Context Setting :

We’ve distributed as of late our white paper draft where we laid out our market organize item worldview comprising of 3 layers: instruments (SaaS), system and commercial center.

Instruments are what each financial specialist should be effective, a portfolio administration stage that gives genuine understanding into the execution of his venture choices.

Arrange alludes to the interpersonal organization highlights (duplicate exchanging and flag exchanging) that will evacuate obstructions for unexperienced crypto financial specialists and installed them into the biological system. Those instruments will make a system between crypto financial specialists where clients could find other top speculators, look at their execution (base on the portfolio administration stage), tail them and duplicate exchange them.

Commercial center is the an immediate advantage of the past two. A place where crypto speculators can find new venture openings, speculation instruments (like Melonport assets and ICONOMI) and specifically put from CoinDash in them.

This vision of CoinDash is the thing that we call “Working System For Crypto Assets”. A similar way an OS is worked to make the connection with a PC open for standard clients, we expect to do likewise for crypto resources. Make them open for standard clients and financial specialists.

CoinDash Beta

The CoinDash beta will actualize the elements from the SaaS and Network layers, with the accompanying elements:

Portfolio administration – Users will have the capacity to add their ethereum records to a dashboard indicating them helpful bits of knowledge about their execution as financial specialists (benchmark against the market, Risk, broadening)

Beat Investor Discovery and benchmarking – Users will have the capacity to share their portfolio execution and find other top brokers and their execution.

Duplicate ICO – through a brilliant contract clients could take after different clients and duplicate their ICO ventures constant however a keen contract. CoinDash at no time will hold their private key of coins, it will all be controlled by the keen get (the clients is its proprietor)

The primary concern is, you as a crypto speculator could (interestingly) get genuine understanding into the execution and hazard elements of your portfolio and take after top brokers and duplicate continuous their ICO ventures.

Before long we will open our code for the group and set up discharge dates.

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