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Espers: Cryptocurrency with Hybrid PoW/PoS and Unique Algorithm

Cryptocurrency world has seen tremendous growth in the past 1 year. Billions of dollars pouring into it everyday, big business like banking start to notice the groundbreaking technology behind it. While many people are rich from cryptocurrency trading, some also went bankrupt. But generally, the market are bullish and We’d like to think that it will keep bullish for many years to come. Lots of new trader or investor are looking for the next big thing, based on there are 856 cryptocurrency available today, but many of those 856 coins are actually scam, worthless or outright dead without any development. In this article We will explain about Espers, a cryptocurrency which uses its own algorithm and also use hybrid proof of work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) system.

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Xtrabytes Coin (XBY): Cryptocurrency coin information

XBY Coin: At a glance

The XtraBytes platform provide several different services and functions. The initial and primary use of the XtraBYtes platform will be decentralized to the shared memory/storage. This will be a unique platform that will back up your data from anywhere in the world. The future of storage is not on a PC and certainly not on your phone. XtraBYtes is the answer. Just think of it like decentralized dropbox. Without risk of getting hacked because the encryption is so strong, no hacker will be able to stole your data if it is hosted on xtrabytes network.

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Omni Coin Review: Community driven cryptocurrency

Omni Coin Review – Commerce has really grown and evolved over the years to get to where it is today. These days, paper money is not as popular as this strong new form of currency that has its roots deep in computing and the use of cryptography to generate coins. Cryptocurrencies can be used for trading in major world markets and banking on a more personal level where the bank and the other miners in the network are found to be their colleagues contributing to the levels of difficulty creating new currencies, Which process is exponentially more difficult over time if the chain block grows.

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