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Bitcoin Hedge Fund

Bitcoin Hedge Fund: An overview

Bitcoin Hedge Fund: Overview of investment fund structures to block digital currencies

Bitcoin Hedge Fund has been back in the news due to the strong results in the last two months recently. Bitcoin and other digital currencies have been a bit of an edge phenomenon in the investment management industry since its inception.

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Tremorgames, Get paid in Bitcoin while Playing Games

Hello fellow Cryptomaniac , Today I will show you how to earn bitcoins with easy and lots of fun way. I present you tremorgames , so basically this site has a lot of games which is quite easy . You can play many games with various genre such a Zombie , fantasy , puzzle , adventures etc.

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Third week of My Cryptocurrency trading : First major losses

Finally after 2 weeks of very profitable trade, I am now experiencing my first major losses, and it was awful.

I am learning my lesson now that greed will make you lose money! And trading without market research is always a bad idea!

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Margin Trading on, at a glance.

Hello Everyone!


This article will explain a little bit about margin trading on poloniex. I know lots of people new to  cryptocurrency trading doesn’t have any idea on how to do margin trading. It took me weeks to understand how it works, but once I understand it, I feel that if done correctly, margin trading is a really good way to maximize your profit (although it can also be very dangerous, so remember to trade with caution).

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