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What Is Bowhead ?

The world’s medicinal services is broken and should be settled. Per the World Bank, worldwide spending on wellbeing is relied upon to increment to $18.28 trillion. Regardless of this, many individuals are as yet not beneficial or cheerful.

Many creating countries don’t have the most essential of human services administrations and innovation. Bland medications, which are financially effective, don’t contact individuals who require them most. Be that as it may, times are evolving. Jumps are being made in advanced wellbeing innovation and anticipation, and as a rule, human life expectancy is expanding. Remote at-home testing and demonstrative gadgets are seeing quick advances and will alter advantageous and open medicinal services at home.

We trust that absence of access to helpful individual social insurance administrations is a boundary to people far and wide, shielding them from having longer, more beneficial and more joyful lives.

Past these difficulties are opportunities We are in a phase where extensive officeholder healthcare, innovation and pharmaceutical organizations are competing to contend to control patients’ information in a unified framework for their own advantage. Normally, this lessens the transportability of information for patients and further implants the occupants and their hold on a patients’ information. The future requires a decentralized Blockchain-based vault controlled by the patient to guarantee most extreme security and compactness. Blockchain is a consummately suited straightforward framework where patients can utilize Bowhead Tokens to pay for social insurance professionals, solution, and healthful supplements. Patients will likewise get Bowhead tokens for taking an interest in more advantageous exercises to boost preventive wellbeing.

Bowhead accepts customized and secure medicinal services is feasible for everybody.

Guide for Health : Track your body’s tests and get master restorative guidance.

Anonymized Patient Data : At your alternative option, choose whether you need to rent your mysterious anonymous patient information to look into – secured by smart contracts.

Full Health Data Control : Choose who, what, when, where and how people and associations connect with your wellbeing information.

360 Degrees of Health Data : Bowhead gets information from at-home test units, remote test packs and subjective information by means of simple to utilize overviews.

Master Insights : Open a group of restorative/naturopathic specialists and health mentors.

Friendly Reminders : Remain over your vitamin and supplement plan with auspicious warnings.

Bowhead is an instrument that is associated with the web and can screen the wellbeing of people at home and can likewise be an asset of data for medicinal services experts to give convenient exhortation to individuals who may require master counsel.

The instrument can be adjusted to administer required customized pharmaceutical yet as an underlying stride it will give supplements and vitamins.

Bowhead Health Bounty Campaign LIVE / ICO LAUNCH – 17th July 2017

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