Bob’s Repair ICO endorsed by John McAfee

Whitepaper :

What is Bobs Repair ? 

They’re wanting to dispatch another decentralized commercial center that interfaces buyers to temporary workers. By utilizing the blockchain they trust that they can tackle an assortment of issues in the business, the most essential one being misrepresentation with shoppers being ripped off.

The group behind the task have just run a concentrated variant which immediately handled over $1 million in income anyway they felt that running the stage on the blockchain would give numerous points of interest.

Issues with the present market

The group state in their whitepaper that there’s 3 principle issues:

Audit misrepresentation: It’s notable that organizations consistently buy counterfeit surveys to swell their notoriety on stages. Simply complete a straightforward Google hunt and you can confirm this is valid. This has made it difficult to choose great contractual workers online by utilizing administrations, for example, Google audits.

Promoting expenses: Contractors need to spend a noteworthy piece of their income on publicizing, this thusly at that point implies that they need to charge shoppers more. Utilizing administrations, for example, Google adwords it frequently costs upwards of $5 for them to get only 1 click and that is after they’ve effectively spent a great deal of money on making the site in any case.

Evaluating: Consumers for the most part have no clue how much certain function should cost. I myself would have no clue it should cost to manufacture a little divider or have a window supplanted.

The Bob’s repair arrangement

The stage will use the blockchain to battle audit misrepresentation. The stage will keep running on the STEEM blockchain, the stage will interface audits to the agreement with the goal that exclusive veritable clients can leave surveys.

The stage won’t charge any promoting expenses. Contracts will be positioned in light of the past surveys that they’ve gotten.

The stage will separate expenses into parts and work. It will likewise be simple for clients to look through the database and get a thought of what the cost ought to be.

Weave’s Repair is an imaginative blockchain-supported stage expected to disturb the present home repair commercial center and handle three noteworthy issues looked by all customers:

false data because of audit extortion

concealed expenses because of promoting

higher costs because of an absence of valuing straightforwardness, which traps customers into settling on poor choices and squandering cash.

“Sway’s Repair is the main organization on the planet to guarantee that all purchasers and laborers are genuine by confirming personalities of every included gathering through a blockchain character check arrangement. We are devoted to taking trust and reasonable estimating back to the purchasers,” said Mr. Frideric Prandecki, Co-organizer and CEO of the Company.

In the course of recent years, the originators of Bob’s Repair effectively worked a robotized SMS stage that straightforwardly associated buyers to contractual workers, executing over USD1 million in income and encouraging more than 50,000 administration calls. More than 55,000 purchasers and temporary workers will be onboarded to the Company’s new STEEM blockchain stage, where the Bob Application will be manufactured.

Mr. Prandecki proceeded with, “We are glad to have Mr John McAfee as a Partner and Senior Advisor of the Company. His bits of knowledge on blockchain advancement and his experience of establishing one of the best hostile to infection organizations on the planet profoundly supported us. We trust his ability will encourage convey Bob’s Repair to the following level: catching the lion’s offer of the USD400-billion-dollar talented exchange industry.”

ICO details

Bob’s repair platform will use an ERC20 token BOB.

Token Price: 1 ETH = 6000 BOB

Soft cap: 6000 ETH (investments will be refunded in case this amount could not be reached)

Pre-ICO Bonuses:

· 0–2000 ETH collected: 30% bonus

· 2000–3000 ETH collected: 25% bonus

· 3000–4000 ETH collected: 23% bonus

· 4000 ETH collected: 20% bonus

Bitcointalk Account :;u=1055457

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