— fair crypto-betting with deposits in BTC, BCC and all major altcoins

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What its all about ?

Another reasonable crypto-betting platform stage that allows you to trade Forex, Stocks, Indices and commodities using cryptocurrencies. We acknowledge BTC Furthermore every last bit all kinds of altcoins as a deposit system. Withdrawal will be On BTConly right now.

Accessible – bitlogic enables people to invest in real-world assets around the world directly from their wallets. Users can invest in US or European real estate and stocks without geographical restrictions.

Low entry costs – Low entry costs allow small fund managers and investment brokers to attract investment opportunities.

Optimizing dividends – Dividends or coupons from investments are automatically transferred to token holders through self-executing smart contracts.

The Bitlogic ecosystem works by connecting users and fund managers while also applying a layer of digital trust. Human input is minimized and everything is faster and more secure.

Bitlogic infrastructure will be implemented as a website. Broker-dealers and fund managers will be able to list their investment opportunities on the platform. To get on the platform they have to be thoroughly verified by bitlogic . Based on their personal risk/reward ratio, investors can then select an investment from the offered funds to add to their diversified portfolio. All fees, minimum investment pools, exchange rates, holding periods, net asset values, dividends or coupon payments will be listed clearly and thus, can easily be compared.

It Is Secure

Birttlogic has offered an option that allows asset backed trading. This means that users can switch from cyptocurrencies to real assets without the need to first exchange them to fiat currency. This security feature helps to reduce the risk.

100% Asset Backed

This Platform Is Transparent

Bitlogic cares about their users, and that is why it has created a transparent platform. This means that all movements and securities will be tracked. In addition to that, all traders’ accounts will have to track all their activities.

It Is Fast And Cost Efficient

Most crypto.asset investors are usually frustrated with the current platform that is outdated and takes a lot of time to process settlements. However, that is not the case with Bitlogic because your transactions will not only cost a fraction of the cost that you normally pay, but the transition will also be processed in lighteng fast speed eventually.

Bitlogic helps cryptocurrency/asset investors counterbalance price volatility by allowing them to directly purchase real-world assets – like ETFs and real estate funds – without needing to convert money into fiat.

In other words, Bitlogic lets you diversify your investment portfolio by using cryptocurrency to purchase real-world assets and funds.

Obviously, volatility is a major issue in the world of cryptocurrency. Bitlogic plans to solve it. That’s why the platform is calling itself “fair crypto-betting with deposits in BTC, BCC and all major altcoins”

Let’s take a closer look at how Bitlogic works.


How Does Bitlogic Work?

Bitlogic offers a simple way to hedge your cryptocurrency portfolio against volatility. The Brickblock platform allows you to convert cryptocurrencies into real-world assets – like ETFs and REFs (aka REITs) without incurring excessive fees typical for conventional exchanges.

Bitlogic has another advantage over a conventional exchange: you don’t need a bank account to participate in the platform.

Broker-dealers and fund managers can list investment opportunities on the Bitlogic platform., investors can choose investments from Bitlogic selection of available funds.

Bitlogic emphasizes a transparent approach to trading. All fees, minimum investment pools, exchange rates, holding periods, net asset values, dividends, and coupon payments are clearly listed through the platform. Users can easily see how much everything costs.


If you are looking for a platform that is highly effective, secure, transparent, and independent, then BITLOGIC is the perfect platform for you. It has not only eliminated geographical restrictions that banks have created, but it has also eliminated the minimum investment barrier. The 24/7 trading option will allow you to trade and make good profits from your investments.


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