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What is Bitcoinus :

Bitcoinus is an payment platform stage that cases to have the capacity to move bitcoin payments in two seconds. The stage utilizes “front line cutting edge payment handling” strategies to enable you to get Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more than 100 noteworthy digital forms of money.

The system is fueled by the Ethereum blockchain. The objective is to make a worldwide online business arrangement.

Normally, the present bitcoin payment handling stages charge an expense of around 1%. Bitcoinus BIS, then again, charges an expense of 0.5%. There are no continuous month to month charges. Clients appreciate free sign ins, free payouts, and moment money trades.

The token deal for biu tokens is in progress from January to May 2018.

How Does Bitcoinus Work?

Bitcoinus intends to offer quick, simple payment arrangements utilizing crypto as a medium of exchange. The stage can process exchanges in 2 seconds. Bitcoinus charges only a 0.5% expense en route – considerably less than the 1% charged by other digital money processors and essentially not as much as stages prefer PayPal and Mastercards, which charge expenses of 3.5% and higher.

The stage will likewise offer a spotless and adaptable API that engineers of any online business can use to build up their own particular arrangements with incorporated crypto installments. Modules will be accessible for all significant business stages, including WordPress, Shopify, and others.

The objective is to coordinate 100 altcoins inside the main year of activity. Bitcoinus will generally oblige online organizations, permitting all organizations and retail clients to purchase, store, spend, and get crypto resources.

Different highlights of the stage incorporate a vendor notoriety framework and blockchain-based KYC.

At last, in case you’re an online business that as often as possible exchanges cash between worldwide monetary forms, at that point Bitcoinus could enable you to spare a lot of cash each year on exchange charges.

The coming of the blockchain innovation is fairly a gift to this age as something it understands is to disturb the money related payment segment.

Before now, payment have been an issue of concern. It has been tedious, the expenses are such a great amount for those working a business and taking care of payment. This is the agony point bitcoinus is attempting to explain utilizing the blockchain innovation.

This conveys us to the topic.

BITCOINUS is a Crypto payment preparing stage intended to improve the reception of digital currencies for the E-trade business.

The payments are snappier as far as preparing and less expensive in charges as this is an enormous agony that bitcoinus is unraveling.

The expenses are bring down contrasted with customary route installment as they charge a standard expense of 0.5% for each exchange contrasted with some conventional exchanges that take a greater rate.


Clients would have the capacity to process exchanges in a short period(2 seconds) and safely.

This shows how accommodating the blockchain innovation can be.

Charges are extensively low and furthermore encourages bitcoinus retail accomplices to be good to go as the expenses in exchanges are not huge.

The payment processor here would enable clients to get installments in type of digital currency ( for instance, Litecoin, Etherum)

The tokens saved for the colleagues are bolted for a drawn out stretch of time as this would empower the token to safeguard its esteem.

There are free exchanges if payment are acknowledged in Bitcoinus tokens.

( utilizing the stage’s token would guarantee that tokens pick up in esteem)

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