Review – Is a scam?

Is a scam?

> Update 08-April-2017

Previous article have been deleted by me due to security breach indication from, causing its member lost BTC from its trading.

I will update this article later once I get the explanation from the dev


> Update 09-April-2017 scam email
email from dev

The dev indicates that it was a DB hack, He also avoid my question about possibility of refund.


> Update 10-April-2017 

The dev tweet that He is working now with poloniex support to investigate RBY pump case where lots of users API being used to trigger the pump. Still hope that the users can be compensated on this matter.


> Update 13-April-2017 

The dev tweet that He will refund the subscription fee. If you are a member, please do a refund on link provided on his/her tweets.


> Update 20-April-2017 

The dev finally refund my subscription fee.

Got email from poloniex that they cannot reverse any trades using API calls. I guess this is it, whatever you lost on RBY pump will be gone forever.

If you have any questions, etc. and want to get notified the update of current hack, leave a comment and post your email.

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