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cryptoleet.com aims to provide all informations related to cryptocurrency. The website content ranged from cryptocurrency review, market prediction (Next cryptocurrency to invest), pump and dump insider information, technical aspect of coin/cryptocurrencies, and others stuff related to the booming cryptocurrency industry. cryptoleet.com is made by Tila Aytasirt, a blockchain enthusiast and an early bitcoin believer. Tila passion in cryptocurrency world began on 2011 where bitcoin is still in early stage of development and not many people are aware of it. Tila strongly believes that bitcoin, or cryptocurrency in general, will gonna be massively adopted in 10 years or more, with the possibility of it replacing fiat currency. cryptoleet.com want to help spreading awareness of the importance of cryptocurrency. It is about time more people should look into it. Government and banking institution should also adopt this because Tila strongly believes that no one can beat technological advancement. You either adopt or be left behind.

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